Autism In children under seven               9

can be quickly cured

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Before treatment: Four year-old who
was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2.
Improved significantly with gluten,
casein, and soy free diet prior to being
treated by Dr. Starr at age 4. He was
not social, had nightmares, chronic
diarrhea and stomach problems, re-
current upper respiratory infection.
candidiasis, myxedema of face, dry
skin, and skin rashes.

Treatment: 0.25 grains thyroid and
1 drop Lugol's 5 iodine every 3rd
day, homeopathies and probiotic
for GI tract, and PD-6 baths weekly.

After 3 months: Much more social, able
to dress himself, no more GI problems.
less infections, rashes almost gone, very
verbal, stimming persists.

After 10 months: MD-no longer
autistic, ineligible for PANDA program.
Now diagnosed with ADHD.

After 3 mos. treatment After 22 months (age 6):
exam-ADHD gone, bridge of nose
developing, neck elongating, starting
conversations with children he had not
previously known, playing interactive
games, telling mother his likes and
dislikes, very smart, still stimming, not
as coordinated as peers, takes longer
to recuperate from illnesses than his
brothers, had first asthma attack since
age 2, home mold test was positive.

Current treatment: 38 mcg T4,
9 mcg T3 a day, 1 mg prednisolone.
and PD-6 baths weekly.



In 1970 only 1 in 10,000 had autism. Now 1 out of 67 children have autism. Autism is strictly caused by a lack of proper vitamins and minerals that do not now exist in our food. In 1978 they removed iodine from bread and iodine in  food drop by more than 50 percent. The amount of vitamin D dropped almost 50 percent when people started buying air-conditioning and staying in when it was very hot. Dr. Walsh reports that 90% of autism children are in America and that baby food contains less than 20% of the needed vitamins and minerals.

Up until 1972 iodine was added to bread, all baked goods, milk and salt. One out of 28 women got breast cancer. They took iodine out of everything except salt and then doctors tell people to not eat much salt. The cancer rate has increased to 1 out of 7 women getting breast cancer due to lack of iodine.

A man called me from Washington and said someone told me him about my website and he had a boy with autism so I gave the boy some iodine and the child immediately responded by acting more normal. I told him to also give the boy a lot of vitamin D.

Adults who take vitamin D and Iodine will increase their IQ and be much healthier and live a much better life   

In 1972; one out of 10,000 children had autism now it is one in 67 all due to a lack of iodine and deficient vitamin D.  Children need to be given iodine and vitamin D daily until they are 25 years old as this can cause the IQ to increase up to 40 points. Your brain keeps growing until you are 25.

Before 1970 most people in the summer when it was hot they went outside and sat under a shade treecausing the vitamins D level to be produced by the sun hitting the skin , now with air-conditioningpeople stay inside.


People with autism can definitely improve if they are given the proper amount of vitamins and mineral regardless of age.

You may be low on iodine, vitamin D, magnesium,Niacinamide , Vitamin K2 MK7 and potassium that aren't enough in pregnancy vitamins. Most are in liquid form and you can find them by clicking here


Women who took iodine before getting pregnant had an average of 101 IQ child. Women who waited eight weeks before she starting iodine supplementation the babies had an IQ of 92. Women who waited until after pregnancy their babies IQ was 87.

All children should be given these vitamins so if the girls do get pregnant they will have a baby without most of the common terrible medical problems. At  learn all the things you can cure with vitamins and minerals

The autistic symptoms comes such as hyperactivity, social withdrawal and others improved significantly following vitamin D supplementation. These supplements improve  autistic children regardless of age.

 The only way we can eliminate autisim is to get our government to force food manufactures to add the necessary vitamin and minerals to food..This Would dramatically Improve the health of all Americans.

 Keep Autism, Elliptic Seizures and Tourette's Syndrome from happening to your child and how to have a very intelligent child options. Again, medication was making him worse not better.

Learn here why a major health problem is iodine deficiency. Autism the Silent Time Bomb Now Affecting 1 in 47 Boys in the US And the statistics become even more alarming. In the last 5 years, the CDC reports an earth-shattering 78% ,increase in diagnosed occurrences. Plus more a reported 110% increase for Hispanics and 91%  for black children. What's the cause of this disorder and is there anything you can do? YES!!!


Low acid causes some young nearly all old people not to digest their food and get vitamins and minerals into their blood so they are starving to death regardless of what they eat. This is an extreme health problem that can be cured by drinking vinegar very often or taking HCL hydrochloric acid tablets with each meal. If you have acid reflux, ulcers, leaky bowel syndrome you have low acid.

Oral vitamin/mineral supplementation is beneficial in improving the nutritional and metabolic status
of children with autism, The supplement group had significantly greater improvements than did the
placebo group on the PGI-R Average Change. This suggests that a vitamin/mineral supplement is a
reasonable adjunct therapy to consider for most children and adults with autism.

Niacinamide is For the treatment of Arthritis , stiff  joints, ADHD, anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive personality symptom, treatment of fatigue,  Schizophrenia and Psychosis Anxiety and mood swings, control of blood sugar levels, Parkinson's disease, stop dementia, dermatitis and get back up to 100 percent of your range of motion and greatly reduced  pain, eliminate need and shoulder replacement & stiffness  Helps you stop Smoking & Drinking.  Everyone in America should be taking at least two 500 mg of Niacinamide per day. Warning if you stop the Niacinamide the pain and stiffness will return. When our government in 1911 required food manufacturers to add a small amount of niacin to wheat products, half the people left the insane asylums. Dr. Huffer cured 90% of schizophrenic with niacinamide.

Rich People Live 15 Years Longer Than Poor per our newspapers. Why?  They eat ocean foods containing iodine and vitamin D. Ocean foods poor cannot afford.

Up until 1972 iodine was added to bread, all baked goods, milk and salt. One out of 28 women got breast cancer. They took iodine out of everything except salt and then doctors tell people to not eat much salt. The cancer rate has increased to 1 out of 7 women getting breast cancer due to lack of iodine.

The best cure for infertilities is iodine. To get pregnant without pregnant problems take iodine it also reduces endometriosis

You can't lose weight and keep it off without enough iodine. Before 1972 most people were thin. Iodine causes the thyroid to work properly raising your metabolism so you burn a lot more calories. Your body temperature goes up to 98.6 degrees. When I started taking iodine in three months I lost 50 pounds without dieting, the same happened to my son and neighbor and we have kept it off for five years without dieting. Learn a lot more here; totally cure cancers .   Iodine deficiency Consequences . 93% of American Women get Fibrocystic Breast Disease that the proper amount of Iodine Eliminates. Doctor Brownstein writes megadoses of iodine are safe. Iodine is almost as safe as water and is almost tasteless..

Why Vitamin D?   Vitamin D Seniors With Insufficient Levels Of Vitamin D Were 3 Times More Likely to Die From Heart Disease and 2.5 times more likely to die from any cause. Autism and the Theory that Vitamin D  Deficiency in Pregnant women causes Autism.     Vitamin D Deficiency interacts with gene During pregnancy causing MS: study 2009

In the mountain areas of Bolivia the average IQ is 50 in the average height is 4 feet. This is strictly the resulted from a lack of iodine. Young women are 90% more likely to get hypothyroidism than men do to estrogen and a lack of iodine.

Enough iodine cures fibrocystic breast tissue and also cures many breast and other cancers.

Rich people live 15 years longer and are thinner than poor people. Why? Rich people eat a lot of ocean, shrimp, fish, lobster, and other ocean food containing iodine. Iodine makes you live much longer. A lack of iodine causes rapid weight gain.

One area of Finland people lived much longer than in another area. The Finish government found the problem was a lack of iodine. So in 1991 they required all food manufacturers to add iodine. This resulted in half as many deaths and the life expectancy went up 5 years.

Our government should require food manufactures to add iodine. We now have 50% less iodine than in 1970 causing the average IQ of Americans to drop.

In a mountainous area of Italy the average IQ was around 60 due to a lack of iodine. American Babies born to mothers with low iodine have a 15 to 20% lower IQ. Studies show 51% of prenatal vitamins contain no iodine and that’s a serious crime.

Over 50% of Michigan and Ohio people had goiters caused by a lack of iodine until 1930. People are telling me they have goiters and doctors do not have them on iodine; the only cure for goiters.

The amount of breast cancer has tripled since iodine was removed from baked goods and milk in 1970.

Iodine helps remove lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, fluorides, and bromides from your body.

I repeat: No child should have autism and their IQ should be 15 to 20 points higher than their parents if the pregnant mother is taking iodine and vitamin D the babies IQ will be 15 to 20 points higher than the parents. The baby will not get autism. If the parents continue to give the proper amount of iodine and vitamin D, until the child is 25 years old that child will have a 20 to 40 point higher IQ.

PROMOTES HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM by killing pathogens in the blood. All blood passes through the thyroid gland every 17 minutes. Normal iodine levels weaken germs with every pass through the gland.
MAY SUPPORT HEALTHY SKIN AND HAIR by stimulating cellular function. Regeneration of the lower layer of cells rejuvenates the body from the inside out, resulting in smooth skin, and hair and nail growth.
MAY IMPROVE ENERGY AND ENDURANCE by supporting normal thyroid function. Iodine deficiency often manifests in slow metabolism, fatigue and weight gain. Add 2 drops daily to water or other beverage.
DECONTAMINATES WATER by disrupting the ionic balance within pathogenic cells. Add 3-6 drops per liter for safe drinking water on hikes or camping. 2-ounce bottles fit easily in a pocket or backpack.
ALL U.S.-MINED INGREDIENTS in this easy-to-use solution. No refrigeration required; store out of direct sunlight. Approximately 2,000 vertical drops in every 2-oz. bottle. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Lugols Solution 20% USP Premium Iodine Natural Mineral Supplement 2-Ounce 2-Pack…

Enough iodine cures diabetes.

The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine - Jeffrey Dach MD

Iodine Dosages - Dr. Sircus how much iodine should you take if you have breast cancer or other cancers, headaches, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s disease or other health

problems too numerous to mention. You can watch this video or take 12 to 50 mg daily of lugol iodine daily

. Benefits of iodine supplementation

This includes some of the benefits that I enjoyed from iodine supplementation after being severely deficient. Here at Grow Youthful I thoroughly recommend that you gain iodine sufficiency.
Feeling of well-being.
Mental clarity and lifting of brain fog. Achieving more in less time.
Increased energy.
Feeling warmer in cold environments.
Needing less sleep.
Disappearance of muscular aches and pains.
Stronger immune system and resistance to infections.
Improved skin complexion

Doctors in China are reporting that treatment with vitamin D appeared to produce dramatic improvements in a toddler with autism. Autism symptoms dramatically improved after treatment with Vitamin D There’s a growing body of evidence suggesting Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating serotonin. This means it could cause (deficiency) or treat Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms (supplement). For instance, one study prescribed Vitamin D3 to autistic children in an open trial and had a 80% success rate – that is, the children became less hyperactive, irritable, and engaged far less in stereotypical behavior. The children were also more responsive and compliant to their families.  

 The Link between Vitamin D Deficiency and Autism - Mercola We've heard about the influence of vitamin D on autism before, but only from a superficial point of view. In her studies, Patrick has dug deep,

Vitamin D and Autism: A Case Report of Improved Symptoms ...

Autism four times likelier when mother's thyroid is weakened ...

Mild T4 deficiencies in mothers produced an insignificant increase in autistic children's symptoms. The most common cause of thyroid hormone deficiency is a lack of dietary iodine -- because both the thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, contain that element.

Iodine Helps Prevent Autism - Dr. Sircus Iodine is found in every single one of our body's hundred trillion cells. Without adequate iodine levels life is impossible. Iodine is the universal ...

Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It - Dr. David ...Children and iodine deficiency; The relationship between autism and iodine deficiency .

B6 and Magnesium – Autism Canada Magnesium deficiency is rare, but some research suggests that children with autism ... lower levels of magnesium in hair and blood than non-autistic children.

Magnesium Deficiency and Autism - Dr. Sircus Autistic children and children with other spectrum disorders had ... Thus we can extrapolate that magnesium deficiency can provoke the well .

Overview Autism and vitamin D | Vitamin D Wiki There is a close correlation between latitude and autism among countries; the higher the latitude, ...

You are now 90 times more likely to get Alzheimer's than in 1970 and this has a lot to do with a lack of iodine and vitamin D. A pregnant mother taking iodine will have a baby with an IQ 15 to 20 points higher than the parents.

Autism occurred to one in 10,000 people before 1970. It now happens one in 42 boys due to a lack of vitamin, D3 and iodine And possibly desiccated thyroid. If a mother didn't take a lot of Vitamin 03 and iodide before the baby was born there is a very good chance that the baby will have autism and a low IQ. If she did the child will have an IQ 15% to 25% higher than the parents. Click on the blue to order liquid- vitamin-D3-extra-strength-l000-iu-for babies 1 drop every other day for adults take 6 drops, Taking the proper amounts of iodine and vitamin until age 25 can increase IQ by up to 40 points.   Children at age 5 should get one drop daily and by the time they are 19 they should be getting six drops per day. Liquid-Iodine-Plus-Potassium-Iodide-2-oz-2 & for babies start with one drop per day and increase it as they get older by age 6 they should get one drop daily of the 7 solution daily.

You have a window of time from the time the child was born until he or she is 7 years old to keep the child from getting autism and Tourette's syndrome. Both mental health problems start when the child is 2 to 7 years old .. Something has gone seriously wrong and that something is an extreme lack of vitamin D, magnesium, iodine and fat needed by the developing, brain that is growing extremely fast and to develop strong bones. The brain continues to grow and change until about age 25 and needs lot of D3, magnesium and iodine daily.-lf a baby has an elliptic seizure and is not given fat; that baby will continue to have the elliptic seizures for the rest of its life. Cream, butter and coconut oil are all exceptionally ood for the baby's developing brain. Your brain and the babies brain is over 70 cholesterol, which is fat.

himself and with no more G.I. problems.,

PBS on why you should definitely get your babies vaccinated. My grandson's baby had severe runny nose, breathing problems and constipation. He as so sick all the time and in and out of the hospital, the mother swore she would never another child. I talked the mother into giving him liquid vitamin D, liquid iodine Liquid magnesium. He hasn't had any running nose or any other health problems health problems. appears extremely healthy, happy, strong. and smart He started walking and running recently.


Dr. Saul offers a powerful example of how niacinamide helps address violent behavior Dr. Saul oral

problems and/or attention deficit disorders:


Dr. Saul "I knew a neighbor who had a boy who was really, really in trouble - constantly in trouble at school, constantly in trouble at home. He was violent. This was really serious. his was more than ADHD. I'm calling it ADHD, because that's what the boy's doctors called it. But the fact is it was far beyond that. Nevertheless, they gave him one of the usual drugs for attention deficit disorder, and it made him worse.

So now he was even more violent and even more psychotic. The parents were in a state as you can

imagine; the kid's only 13, everything's falling apart at home. They learned about Dr. Hoffer's

niacinamide approach. And because it was a child, they figured, 'Well, we'll start him at a lower level.'

They gave him 1,500 milligrams a day of niacinamide.

The parents noticed an immediate improvement. Within days, the child was less angry. He was less troubled at school. He was less oppositional. He was less violent. They immediately figured that if a little helped, maybe more would help more. They wouldn't know unless they tried, and they had no other choice.

 They took him totally off of his medication, and they increased his niacinamide to ultimately about 5,000

Milligrams a day. They even got the boy's psychiatrist to prescribe niacinamide, so he could take it at school.

The school nurse was giving the boy niacinamide twice a day at school, as well as at home. All of a sudden,

calls were coming from the teachers, saying, 'The kid was just transformed. He was doing great.' At home,

everything was better. The child and all adults would be even healthier if given 1per week vitamin D 50,0000 units liquid Iodine 1 drop/day, AM and 3 PM Niacinamide 3000,mg and I---Multi-Vitamin & Mineral. These are needed to cure anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, violence, attention deficit disorders, and dramatically reduce cancer. Our government should require food manufacturers to add. enough of these vitamins and minerals, niacinamide, iodine, magnesium, vitamin D, and copper to greatly empty most of our prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and make Americans healthy.

This is one case where our government can do what the average American can't do.

Why do we read and hear on TV of major studies showing that vitamin D vitamin E, calcium do not improve health? These studies are paid for and done by drug companies that use only tiny amounts of these ingredients and there for show no benefits. TV stations and newspapers are nearly all owned by drug companies who make more money if you are sick.


I have sent them articles by major universities and successful doctors showing considerable improvement in health and they never print these or have them on television. This is extreme corruption causing millions to die and suffer. Drug company executives should be in prison and Control of medical care taken over by our government.

Click here to find What and where to Purchase and how much to take to cure almost all health problems even those considered by doctors as incurable. 

I have attempted to cure autism by contacting these people working with autistic children


Ashley Ritliff highlines center or autism from health three 60

Molly Dubuque Spalding University

Lauran Elliot Bluegrass Center for autism 

Warning: if a doctor cures autism he will soon go out of business. Is it more important to stay in business or are you in the business to cure people?