How to Cure Shingles and Herpes                        39

90% of Americans have herpes, which is a shingles virus. 

If you have shingles your immune system isn’t right and your thyroid is probably not working properly.

Natural Remedies for Shingles

·  I recently had a shingles outbreak on my left boob. Before there were sores, however, I kept getting these shooting pains in the area. It hurt but I saw nothing and didn't know what on earth was going on. My best friend suggested that I apply iodine to the area... When I did, I found a very small line of blisters. So I started applying iodine tincture like a crazy woman. Within a week, the blisters were gone. It's evident that iodine is a good shingles treatment. 

·  Alternately, you can also keep your immunity in check by making sure you're getting enough vitamin D3 and Iodine. I take 50,000 units of vitamin D three times a week.

·  Take prebiotics or probiotics to help support your body's immune system. 

·  Take vitamin B-12 as a daily supplement. In a body undergoing oxidative stress from shingles methyl, B12 production is impaired and needs extra support. Intramuscular methylcobalamin injections are a wonderful shingles treatment. 

·  Vitamin C is highly effective at stopping a shingles outbreak if you take enough. Intravenous vitamin C is the most effective way to treat shingles. I take powdered vitamin C in any liquid.

Consume the vitamins and minerals I'm taking to improve your immune system.

·  Consume more apple cider vinegar with the mother. Mix one tablespoon in four ounces of plain water, and drink the solution three times a day. 


Using a cotton ball, dab some Apple cider vinegar ACV directly onto oozing lesions several times daily. (Application may be painful to bear (which could be better than the burning sensation) but it will help dry lesions up in a shorter amount of time.)


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