My name is Paul OBrien my phone Number 810-736-8873 

8333 E. Court St., Davison, MI 48423


I am 85 years old. I have no pain any place, I won’t go to doctors unless I have a serious health problem and I won’t take prescription drugs as I found them mostly harmful.

While on a cruise in Russia I told a fellow sitting next to me that I absolutely will never take any prescription drugs. He said to me; “me to”. I asked him what he did for a living and he said “I am a retired druggist”. I asked him why he wouldn't take prescription drugs and his words were “there too damn dangerous.”

I had arthritis, extreme pain nearly all my life, I had serious breathing problems COPD I have Parkinson’s disease and could barely walk.


I had extreme pain until I was 75 from my knees shoulder and back. These are all now totally cured without operations even though the doctor said I have bone on bone. The last time I stayed overnight in the hospital was it 1978. It’s all cured.


11 years ago I went to a doctor and he’s said my heart was leaking like a sieve and if I didn’t get it fixed in three months I would probably die. I didn’t want my chest opened up or my heart worked on.. He also said my knee shoulder and back should be operated on. 


. This doctor wanted to schedule me for four or five operations. I stopped going to doctors and started dramatic study on the Internet and perched books.


My favorite doctors were Dr. Brownstine on the extreme importance of Iodine. Dr. Hufford on curing Alzheimer’s ADHD and a lot more. Dr. Joel Wallach on how to cure heart problems. And on a whole lot of university double-blind studies. 

By not going to doctors for 10 years I had a lot more money so I took my five children and their spouses on a land tour of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It made them very happy.


In May of this year I was diagnosed as having bone cancer and prostrate cancer. My PSA bone cancer reading was 1668 and oncologist said he never seen anybody I live with a reading above 500. I was in extreme pain. I stopped going to the oncologist. I have totally cured my cancers by taking Turmeric forte, THC, CBD as I go to sleep at night.


I am now in a wheelchair and hoping to cure this also so I can dance, golf and sing and travel again.


I believe if it increases happiness it is moral; if it decreases happiness it is immoral. I hope to make a lot of people happy.