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The American Journal of preventive medicine and leading milk gerbil reports BLOOD CLOTS affect more than 600,000 Americans each year and cause more deaths than breast cancer, AIDS and motor vehicles accidents combined


Blood clots are a leading cause of preventable hospital this in United States next column

In 25% of people who experienced a blood clot the first symptoms is SUDDEN DEATH.


One person every minute will be diagnosed with a blood clot in the United States. One person every six minutes will die from it.


These capsules dissolve blood clots almost immediately.


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Stronger healthier heart is as easy as one keep blood vessels open retro signal helps create nitric oxide molecules that signal endometrium cells to open blood vessels for healthy circulation to clear calcium deposits from arteries.


 Vitamin K2 as MK seven pulse calcium out of the blood vessels to help protect you from calcification or hurting arteries then there’s amazing nutrients shuttles that calcium to your bones where it is desperately needed. OK


Naturally dissolve blood clots and keeps blood then balconies naturally days of blood clots that can harden blood with waste products increase cellular energy call Q 10 flips the energy switch to park life into the hills heart cells that mean more energy for you during the day.


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