How CBD Quickly Destroys Cancer on Every Level Even End Stage Mystic Cancers.



Simply put, CBD connects to the cannabinoid receptor on the cancer cell, secreting a chemical known as ceramide.

The ceramide then kills the mitochondria on the cancer cell, choking off its energy source.

In addition, ceramide disrupts the cellular digestion that produces nutrients for the cell.


It also blocks pro-survival pathways, which are key to why cancer cells are so difficult to destroy.

Let me be clear:

When ceramide is introduced, there is NO chance of cancer cell survival.

That's why researchers at our most prestigious institutions are making unbelievable breakthroughs.

In one study, Harvard researchers found CBD cuts lung tumors in half. All in just three weeks!

And these weren't just any lung tumors.

These were the deadliest, most aggressive, and chemo-proof lung cancer cells.


One of the researchers on the study calls CBD "a new road to lung cancer therapy.'"4

That's just for starters...

In a series of breakthrough studies, Harvard researchers found CBD destroys cancer cells in multiple ways.

1.  The first is a process called autophagy. This literally means "eating oneself"

Which is what CBD forces cancer cells to do: to eat themselves.

2.  The other is apoptosis.

Also known as programmed cell death.

In one study, this Harvard team found CBD literally programmed breast cancer cells to die.'5

Without damaging healthy cells!

It goes further though. You see, destroying cancer cells is one thing.

The other is to stop them from growing and metastasizing throughout your body. Which is what makes cancer so deadly.


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