Why CBD Banishes Alzheimer's While Drugs Fail



Their study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, found that marijuana removes "plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins from brain cells:"25 CBD Oil for Curing Alzheimer's

This is beta-amyloid plaque — the root cause of Alzheimer's. And CBD eliminates it!


You see, all drugs for Alzheimer's fail because they try to fight plaque outside of the brain cells.

But that's the wrong approach.

Beta-amyloid must be eliminated from inside the nerve cells. And that's what CBD does.

It binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in our nerve cells.


THC reduces beta amyloid proteins in human neurons.

This activates the nerve cell's self-protection mechanisms against destructive toxins.

You see, until now most researchers believed that brain inflammation was triggered by our immune cells.

In reality, it's unleashed by our nerve cells in response to amyloid plaque buildup. That same inflammation destroys the nerve cells, resulting in Alzheimer's.

But CBD enters the nerve cells, stopping deadly inflammation in its tracks, and protects the cells.

This research is promising a complete overhaul of everything we know about Alzheimer's.

Unfortunately, the researchers called the federal government a "major roadblock" to doing more research.

That's because they're answering to the pharmaceutical lobby — NOT you.


According to Dr. Schubert, the lead Salk researcher...

"That's the reason they don't have any incentive to use CBD in the development of new drugs. They can't make money on it, so they are against it."

Yes, Big Brother and Big Pharma have teamed up in an unholy alliance.

And they're keeping millions from being cured from Alzheimer's.


But it doesn't have to be.

Not for you. -&ot for your loved ones. Not for anyone. We can sidestep Big


Pharma's ban today...

And begin harnessing the power of CBD to beat virtually ANY disease.


All from the comfort of your home!

Again, it's entirely safe and non-toxic.

It's 100% legal.

And it's been shown to work starting in one drop!

You just need to know which formulas are the real deal and which are fakes.

You have to look at:

1.    The kind of CBD

2.    What concentration

3.    And synergy with other ingredients

Renowned as Medicine for 5,000 Years

You see, CBD was the world's leading medicine for 5,000 years.

In China, India and Egypt — it's healing power was enjoyed by two-thirds of the world. It was even used by royalty like Queen Victoria, England's longest-running monarch.

In ancient medicine books, CBD featured prominently as a key herbal remedy.

The oldest forms of medicine — Ayurveda (Indian) and Chinese — prescribed it as a top herb.

And more recently, CBD-was America's No. 1 medicine.

Doctors prescribed it for just about everything you can imagine.26

Until the early 20thcentury, it made up HALF of all prescribed medications in America.

Based on the main findings, curcumin will lead to a promising treatment for Alzheimer's disease. The clinically studied chemical properties of curcumin and its various effects on AD shows the possibility to do further research and develop better drugs based on curcumin for treating AD. The recent review paper of John Ringman also supports some of the abovementioned properties of curcumin in AD;[50] however, large-scale human studies are required to identify the prophylactic and therapeutic effect of curcumin.

 In some areas of India they have less than 1% Alzheimer's that is why turmeric forte is a cure for Alzheimer's. China and many other countries have less Alzheimer's than in America due to taking turmeric.

 Coconut Oil: Dietary Guidelines & Suggestions for increasing your strength and curing Alzheimer's.