CBD Biggest Pain Breakthrough Sense Aspirin.


20% of CBD & THC Users Quit Opiates


In this breakthrough study, 2,700 elderly patients treated their pain and cancer with CBD.

After six months of use, nearly everyone in the study reported successful results.

Their chronic pain was cut in half. And with no side effects.

Nearly everyone reduced their painkiller use. And many just quit opiates entirely.

This is why some of the mainstream medical establishment is touting CBD's healing power!

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent...

"With regard to pain alone, ICBM could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country."23

The evidence is clear:

CBD will REPLACE drugs like OxyContin and fentanyl.

Pain sufferers know this.

Marijuana THC oil is the most effective form for curing pain and many other things

So do doctors.

And Big Pharma knows it too.

That's why they've spent millions of lobbying politicians to keep it illegal.


In fact, their very survival depends on it.

The problem for Big Pharma is bigger though. Take Alzheimer's and dementia.

Every year, 5 million Americans grapple with Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is caused by sugar diabetes medicine, statins other prescription drugs.

An estimated $13 billion is spent on Alzheimer's drugs — drugs that at best manage the symptoms...

Incredibly, new research shows that CBD is the cure we've been waiting for!

In a recent study, published in the world's top medical journal Nature, the results were incredible.

German researchers gave old and young animals a memory test: At first, the elderly performed poor and the young performed well.

Then the old animals were given CBD. Within days, the old animals performed equal to the healthy, young ones!

And they continued their results long after the doses were done.

Researchers called it "a profound, long-lasting improvement of cognitive performance."24

How does it work?

Researchers at the Salk Institute just discovered how.

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