CBD will bankrupt our medical system.                    61 


Most hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and drug companies will be going out of business as a result of CBD.


THC marijuana oil illuminates cancer, Alzheimer’s, pain and other things. 


Vitamin K2 MK7 cleans out all the veins in your heart, your lungs in other places illuminating heart attacks, increases bone density by 4% in one year stopping bone breakage bone problems and COPD


Enough vitamin D illuminates pneumonia, flues and many other things that kill elderly.


The following things that CBD does will cause and the enormous reduction in health cost and cure many diseases. Every man, woman, and child should be taken CBD.


CBD Cures all Cancers including skin cancer

CBD Used By The Wealthiest

CBD Oil for Curing Alzheimer's


CBD Oil for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease,

CBD Biggest Pain Breakthrough

CBD Oil for Epilepsy

CBD to quit smoking


A lack of magnesium causing a huge amount of health problems and 86% of Americans are low.

A lack of copper causes aneurysms, strokes, varicose veins and weak tendons.

A lack of vitamin B3 niacinamide causes schizophrenia, emotion problems and enough provides 100% range of motion.

A lack of vitamin K2 MK7 causes veins in the heart to plug up and COPD making breathing difficult.

Enough vitamin D cures pneumonia and cures many other things

Iodine deficiency causes thyroid problems, weight gain, and many other health problems


A lack of vitamin C causes scary to cause joints to go bad and makes people weak.


A lack of selenium causes over 100,000 children to die in America each year and many people running and doing other exercises to die.

 Tumeric forte kills all cancers even stem cell cancers eliminating the death toll from cancer.


Anti-ageing Telogensis capsules Will make older people live much longer and be much stronger

Prescription drugs like Metformin used to cure diabetes are very harmful they increase Parkinson's disease player 127% they increase Alzheimer's dementia by 113% and they increase vascular and they increase vascular dementia by 130%. Two newer drugs increase heart problems by more than 50%. 


CBD will cause the bankruptcy of our health care system. We will then probably be able to get the government to add the necessary vitamins and minerals to our foods.


Dogs, cats, and other animals are living 50% longer due to their food has 23 different vitamins and minerals added. We deserve the same and our government should make sure we are getting these. .


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