Our government should be copying what the Chinese did to dramatically increase our IQ and our life expectancy and do the same as the Chinese are doing.


The Chinese live to be 84 years old and we in America live to be 76 why is this happening? The Chinese government in 1934 determined that people needed more Iodine. And they have ever since been checking the amount of iodine that people get in their food and requiring food manufacturers to add the proper amount of iodine for healthy living.


This has resulted in the IQ of Chinese to be 105. The IQ of Americans is now 87. It has dropped from 100 since Iodine was taken out of bread and baked goods back in 1978. We are now consuming 50% less iodine. 49 other countries now live longer than Americans.


In Finland one area of the country lived a lot less than the other areas of the country so they made a major study. I have a feeling they possibly learn from the Chinese as they determined it was Iodine that was missing and they added the iodine to the food and made sure everyone was getting the proper amount of iodine. The death rate drop 50% in the life expectancy increased by five years.


Why are we buying so many wonderful new products from China? It’s because they have more geniuses then we have people in America.


To compete with the Chinese and have America be a wonderful fantastic country we must make sure our people are getting the proper amount of iodine and other vitamins and minerals.