Cure body odor, crotch rot And Killed Body Mites

Vinegar killed bacteria that caused Body Odor And Killed Body Mites That Caused Itch 

 Mites Are So Small 7 Can Live In 1 Hair Follicle, All Humans Have Mites. You can have up to

100,000 mites eating on you. Mites love moist areas like your eyes, ears, and nose.

Bacteria Makes Sweat smell bad. Sweat is

odder free

Showers and baths don’t kill bacteria or stop odder, so they don’t work.

 Body mites were all over my body, made me itch and produce scale. The Internet

said I should use apple vinegar on a washrag and rub it all over my body to kill all

bacteria and body mites. I did and even dipped Q tips in vinegar and put

them in my nose and ears eliminating crud from mites in my nose and ears.


My ears were full of a huge amount of wax for many years.  After putting vinegar on a Q-tip

and into my ear three times all the wax disappeared and none has returned.

My hearing has improved.

Suave deodorant sticks are the best to cure for crouch rot and underarm rash

and order and it smells good.


Deodorants with aluminum cause me to break out and one application

causes me to hurt and stink for more than a week. Bacteria soap

absolutely did not kill the stinky bacteria.

I started using Stevia shampoo and washed my crouch and all the

stinky bacteria for the first time in my life disappeared. 

what a blessing!!!

 My sister said I smelled good and that is the first time I can remember anyone

telling me that I smell good..


I was itching my face every few minutes due to Dermadex mites.

I put vinegar all over my face and that appears to have stopped

and killed the mites. I no longer itch. Mites can cause hair loss.

No amount of washing with bacteria soap cured my body grouchy odor.

I went to the doctor and he had no cure; I purchased everything I possibly

could to cure this body odor problem none of it worked.

Most people think if you wash carefully with bacteria-killing soap

you can kill your entire body odor; it absolutely does not work

I have even taken que tips full of vinegar and put them up my nose and

into my ears to kill all bacteria and mites. My skin looks much better. The

first time I put a Q-tip full of vinegar up my nose it burned and hurt. 

 I have tried many, many different things to stop body odor, crotch rot

and at times the slimy bacteria itch was so bad I couldn't sleep at night.

One night I just couldn't stop itching, my crotch and it was slimy and

smelled very bad even though I'd taken a bath that morning and scrub

myself very good with antibacterial soap.

They had found honey in seal jars for over 2000 years

and it was still good. I read that it kills bacteria, fungus, elegies, moles and even

viruses. I tried honey, monkey dust, stick deodorant, baby powder and a whole

lot of other things that did not work.

When I washed my sheets and pillowcases I put in a cup of vinegar in the

washing machine to kill all the bacteria and mites.
Everyone should wash their body with a washrag full of full-strength vinegar at least once

a month.

Older people seem to have more problems with body odor and mites so please email this

to all your friends in relation especially those that are older. You can have over 100,000

mites eating on you. Many articles tell of using tea tree oil to kill mites. Older people should drink a tablespoon of vinegar with meals.


My eyelashes were always gummy and when I wash them with vinegar they are now very clean.


Older people and animal pets have mites as they destroy the appearance. Yes, you should wipe your pets with vinegar and put it in their ears so you don’t lose your hearing.

Do try Vinegar to make you look healthy and younger.


Most older people and many younger people have bad looking skin and You may want to rub a washcloth full of vinegar all of your body to eliminate mites of various kinds that make you look older and with health problems.

I put a Q-tip full of vinegar in my ear and the first time some wax came out. Two days later I put a Q-tip again in my ear and this time the wax was very liquid and most of it came out. On my third time all the wax disappeared. Dust mites can eat up tissue in your ear causing you go deaf.

I put a Q-tip full of vinegar up my nose in it burned like hell. The next time there is no burning. I have always been picking my nose and now my nose is absolutely clean. There’s nothing to pick in my nose is not plugged

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