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For man as we age our prostrate becomes a problem for most men because the prostrate inlarges making peeing dificult and in some cases it gets cancer. For a large prostrate the best to shrink it is prostaGenex that has 24 times as much compound as saw palmetto and this is far better than operations.

Cancer of the prostrate is very common and the best cure for this is THC medical marijuana it goes into the cancer cells stopping them from digesting resulting in cancer starving to death.


I feel every man should be taking some THC as it cures all forms of cancer.


This prostate supplement has outscored any product we have ever tested, and it has done so with ease. With a remarkable 800mg of Beta-sitosterol and 1,000mg of overall sterols per dose, ProstaGenix has far surpassed any other prostate supplement on the market today. If you were to compare just the beta-sitosterol in one dose of ProstaGenix, it would surpass the amount in an entire bottle of a lower ranked supplement. These numbers aren’t just impressive, they’re record setting. With scores this high and a formula packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential polyphenols, ProstaGenix has easily earned itself the number 1 spot for best prostate supplement.

Two Main Reasons ProstaGenix Is Superior To All Other Prostate sources of Beta-Sitosterol now famous around the world for its ability to address prostate and urinary tract issues so effectively.


The Landes Forest

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Superior Ingredients:

What most consumers don't know is that there are dramatic differences between the qualities of samples from the same ingredient. Saw Palmetto is a perfect example. You might see two products that each say "300mg of Saw Palmetto" in them. You think they are the same, yet the variation in quality is as different as the difference between a Rolls Royce and a Yugo. If they were to have a label on them they would both say: "two doors, one engine, four tires, etc". But they are as different as night and day. The same holds true for ingredients.


We utilize the highest grade compounds. Many companies say that - but our use of the best ingredients was confirmed in a nationwide laboratory analysis of over 100 prostate pills. We were not surprised when we topped the list. Not only did we beat all other products tested - we destroyed them! So when you get your bottle of ProstaGenix you can rest assured you are getting the best product on the market. You will feel the difference early and forever. Quality counts and you will feel the quality difference.


No Unnecessary Ingredients:

Many companies think if they put in a bunch of ingredients you will think it must be better. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is only so much space in a capsule. Wasting capsule space with a long list of quasi-validated ingredients hoping it makes the product look more impressive to get more sales is a game most companies play.

Not us. Prostagenix has focused in on the key compounds, the ones validated in clinical studies that can significantly benefit your prostate. That's why you won't find Lycopene or any of the other overrated and basically worthless ingredients other companies tout.

Out of all the lab tests done on over 100 prostate supplements, ProstaGenix surpassed the rest. Not only that, but when you begin to compare the scores, it wasn’t even close. It is remarkable to see a prostate supplement that was able to produce 800mg of beta-sitosterol and 1,000mg of sterols per dose. These numbers are something we have never even imagined were possible. A majority of the prostate supplements that we reviewed and tested struggled to get close to the 500 mg beta-sitosterol level, but Prostagenix made it look like child’s play. In fact, the scores for the supplement were so phenomenal, its sterols per DOSE are close to or even more than what some products have in their entire bottle. These numbers are so impressive that it not only sets itself apart from other prostate supplements, it puts itself in a league of its own.