Cure Thyroid, Graves and Hashimoto’s disease


Doctors attempt to cure these problems with radioactive iodine. The question is. Is it safe.? Absolutely no.


Researchers have reported a 400% increase incidence of death from thyroid cancer do to radioactive iodine. Furthermore, a nine-year study of 2793 patients who receive radioactive iodine found:


1-- 56% increase in mortality.


2—40% increase in the risk of strokes


3—29% increase in the risk of mortality from cancer of any sort


Radioactive iodine does not address the underlying cause of the illness, which can include a lack of iodine, infections, toxicity, food allergies, gluten intolerance, and nutritional imbalance.


Dr. writes iodine is the most misunderstood nutrient. After 20 years of practicing medicine I can say that it is impossible to achieve your optimal health if you do not have adequate iodine levels so take Iodine. 


I have yet to see any item that is more important to promoting healthy and optimizing the function of the immune system than iodine.


Iodine can help breast cancer, fibro breast tissue disease, detoxification, fatigue, grave disease, and Hashimoto’s disease.

People tell me they're allergic to iodine and they have taken radioactive iodine. It's the radioactive part that they are allergic to. 

Are you iodine-deficient?

Iodine is extremely needed by every one of the trillion cells in the body, including the brain, breasts, ovaries, 

96% of Americans are low on iodine.

Dr. Brownstein says iodine is almost as safe as water and almost tasteless.

Pregnant women who take iodine and vitamin D3 while pregnant will have a baby with 18 to 25 points higher IQ than the parents and well not have autisms.. 


By giving children iodine and vitamin D from the time they're born until they are 21 will increase the IQ by 20 to 40 points as the brain is still growing. The average IQ in America has dropped from 100 down to 88; due to a lack of iodine.  Copied from doctors who have written books and often done double-blind studies. Adults can slowly increase their IQ by taking 50 units of iodine daily. I get my 50 units of iodine by taking five drops of the 7% Lugol iodine daily.


China now has an IQ of 105 call due to them making sure older people get enough Iodine.


Iodine as A Chelating Agent To Remove Lead.

A study showed that after starting iodine supplementation, the levels of lead, mercury, and cadmium measured in the urine of test subjects increased by several-fold after just 24 hours For aluminum, increased levels in the urine took a month or more to appear (5). Bromine and fluorine are also excreted at high levels (7), and may result in cloudy urine for several months and body odor for one or two weeks. Bromine can take up to two years for full removal (7).


You are now 90 times more likely to get dementia and Alzheimer’s than in 1970 due to iodine consumption dropping more than 50% and a lack of sufficient vitamin D.

Fibromyalgia is caused by a lack of iodine. 

In 1972 one in 10,000 children had autism, by 1978 one in 500 in 1992 it was one of 150 in 1996 it was one in 125, by 2000 was one and 88 and now it’s one in 68 with one and 47 boys having autism. This resulted from iodine dropping more than 50% and far less vitamin D3. Mentally disturbed and ADHD children have increased dramatically due to iodine deficiency.


The brain must have sufficient iodine and enough vitamin D3 to grow and you can’t get it from your food. Iodine and other minerals have cured autism.

  • ROMOTES HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM by killing pathogens in the blood. All blood passes through the thyroid gland every 17 minutes. Normal iodine levels weaken germs with every pass through the gland.

  • MAY SUPPORT HEALTHY SKIN AND HAIR by stimulating cellular function. Regeneration of the lower layer of cells rejuvenates the body from the inside out, resulting in smooth skin, and hair and nail growth.

  • MAY IMPROVE ENERGY AND ENDURANCE by supporting normal thyroid function. Iodine deficiency often manifests in slow metabolism, fatigue, and weight gain. Add 2 drops daily to water or other beverage. 2 drops is the same as 8 drops of 5% and provides a 1,000 day supply.

  • DECONTAMINATES WATER by disrupting the ionic balance within pathogenic cells. Add 3-6 drops per liter for safe drinking water on hikes or camping. 2-ounce bottles fit easily in a pocket or backpack.

  • ALL U.S.-MINED INGREDIENTS in this easy-to-use solution. No refrigeration required; store out of direct sunlight. Approximately 2,000 vertical drops in every 2-oz. bottle. Satisfaction guaranteed. That is about a 3 year supply for $23


In the mountain areas of Bolivia, the average IQ is 50 and the average height is 4 feet. This strictly results from a lack of iodine.

Young women are 90% more likely to get hypothyroidism than men do to estrogen and a lack of iodine.

Enough iodine cures fibrocystic breast tissue by causing it to shrink and disappear and also cures many breast and other cancers.

A baby's brain must have iodine to grow.

Rich people live 15 years longer and are thinner than poor people. Why? Rich people eat a lot of ocean, shrimp, fish, lobster, and other ocean food containing iodine. Iodine makes you live much longer. A lack of iodine causes rapid weight gain.


One area of Finland people lived much longer than in another area. The Finish government found the problem was a lack of iodine. So in 1991, they required all food manufacturers to add iodine. This resulted in half as many deaths and the life expectancy went up 5 years.

Our government should require food manufactures to add iodine. We now have 50% less iodine than in 1970 causing the average IQ of Americans to drop.

In a mountainous area of Italy, the average IQ was around 60 due to a lack of iodine. American Babies born to mothers with low iodine have a 15 to 20% lower IQ. Studies show 51% of prenatal vitamins contain no iodine and that’s a serious crime.

Over 50% of Michigan and Ohio people had goiters caused by a lack of iodine until 1930. People are telling me they have goiters and doctors do not have them on iodine; the only cure for goiters and many are getting operations once or twice a year.

The amount of breast cancer has tripled since iodine was removed from baked goods and milk in 1970.


Do you often feel tired, and have low energy? Do you have muscular and skeletal aches and pains? Brain fog, overweight, has headaches, unenthusiastic or depressed? Do you have a variety of allergies or intolerances? Are you prone to fungal and other infections? Digestion not what it used to be?.

There is a good chance that you are iodine deficient. Medical and scientific research tends to focus on those diseases that are caused by a critical shortage of iodine (goiter, creti Get these items by clicking heroism (low IQ) and hypothyroidism). However, diseases that are caused by less severe iodine deficiency are not just common - they are endemic.

I repeat: No child should have autism and their IQ should be 20 to 40 points higher than their parents if the pregnant mother is taking enough iodine and vitamin D the baby's IQ will be 15 to 20 points higher than the parents. The baby will not get autism. If the parents continue to give the proper amount of iodine and vitamin D, until the child is 25 years old that child will have a 20 to 40 point higher IQ.

Studies show if you take 50 to 100 units of iodine you can hear sugar diabetes. 

I, fortunately, have a very high IQ and school and college were very easy for me. I hope you give your child vitamin D and iodine so your child can have an easy life.