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Larry King And America's Top Urologist Dr. Danoff Explain How A New Prostate Pill From France Can Fix Your Prostate peeing problem.

By: Larry King

George brought a bottle of ProstaGenix over to my house that same day. As George said, the key ingredient was imported from France. I read the studies that same day. I researched the other ingredients in the formula because this one did not have saw palmetto, or lycopene or hardly any of the other ingredients I was taking that were in the pills at Rite Aide. I read about them and realized this formula was precisely formulated specifically targeted to mimic the clinical studies I read about in the (British Medical Journal).*

I started taking the pills, and I’m telling you in less than two months my life completely changed.*I used to get up five and six times a night. Now, I sleep through almost every night.*Every once in a while I have to get up once. It’s incredible.

Millions Watched Me At The World Series Stay Seated All Nine Innings


I tried everything that made sense, and even a few things that didn’t. I went to several urologists, I got no good solution. One doctor even jokingly said the only way to save my prostate was to put it in a safety deposit box. Incidentally, he had worse prostate trouble than me. Needless to say, nothing was working for me.*


But I didn’t give up hope. I couldn’t. My life has been too good. I was very happy with everything in my life except for my prostate. I was determined to find something that would help.*

One of the advantages of being “Larry King” and having interviewed over 60,000 people in my 61-year career is that I have access to information and people that most people do not have because of my show Larry King Live on CNN. Often times the best information.

Inside information the “general” public doesn’t get for years. But I was coming up dry here. I asked my influential friends, doctors, and scientists if they knew of anything to help me.*

One smart guy told me about supplements. I went to Rite Aid on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills and bought four different brands of saw palmetto pills and another kind of “natural” prostate pill.

Nothing. Waste of time. I tried taking more pills for many months. Still nothing.*

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I Was Going To Move To China!

I was surprised because I had read about how nutrition worked to help the prostate.*I read a fascinating book called The China Study which showed men in China have very few prostate difficulties, while men in America, like me, have a high rate of prostate problems.*I asked my wife if she wanted to move to China with me! I was serious.

Then early one morning, magic happened at a bagel shop. I bumped into an old pal of mine named George. He’s a famous TV show producer. He’s won many Emmys. Real big shot. We were chatting, and out of the blue, he starts talking about how his prostate problems are over. He used very colorful language. He didn’t know about the prostate nightmare I was living through.

He started talking about some pill he was taking from France. An ingredient from a rare pine tree found in a forest right next to the famous Bordeaux wine region in France.*The the soil in this region is very “acidic” and produces a “super strain” of this compound in the pine tree. And this ingredient has been directly attributed to reducing prostate swelling and all prostate issues.*

Eating Bagels And Talking About French Bordeaux Wine Led To The Answer!

Studies have determined that this compound is a natural “alpha-blocker”, which means it can shrink prostate swelling. A major study in the British Medical Journal, “The Lancet”, showed this French compound massively improved prostate function of men all over the world.*And it’s natural.*

In a 6-month double-blind study involving 200 men with prostate problems, researchers gave half of the 270 mg of this compound, and the other half got a placebo.*They then measured their symptoms using the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS).*This the test measures urine flow, frequency, urgency, and other symptoms.

The results are startling, to say the least. Men who took this compound got a 7.4 point decrease in their prostate symptom score for a whopping 350% improvement in their prostate symptoms over the placebo group!*

What's more, the men in the French compound group increased bladder emptying by an impressive 54%, while reporting a 35% boost in urinary flow.*That meant they were urinating less and were not getting up two, three or more times a night to go to the bathroom!*

And over time, things only got even better. In a follow-up study, researchers found that this compound kept delivering the benefits. Urinary flow was increased even further and IPSS lifestyle scores improved significantly, too.*

Meanwhile, the men in the placebo group actually had worse scores than when the original study was performed!*Incredible. No wonder George was raving about it.But even though George said it worked for him I was still skeptical. It’s my nature. If you watched my TV show you know, I don’t believe anything anyone says until I can investigate and verify myself. But I knew my pal George was a stand-up guy. A gem of a guy. And he was raving about this stuff like a guy after he’d tried Viagra for the first time!

I love going to Dodgers games. But I stopped going as much because I would have to get up every two or three innings to go to the men’s room. Well, I don’t know if you saw the World Series last year.

Dodgers vs. Astros. I was there on TV for every game at Dodgers Stadium right behind home plate. Everyone saw me. And I never had to get up to go to the men’s room. I am a new man. And my romantic life, let’s just say, “the King is Back” . . . big time!*

So the investigative journalist in me was curious. I have covered some of the biggest stories in history. I have interviewed everyone from presidents to superstars like Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Patty Hearst, Vladimir Putin, Nelson Mandela … you name it, they all sat down on my set at CNN. So I wanted to do a show on prostate nightmares and how to solve them as I did. All my friends have prostate issues. I thought it would be huge, and that it would help men who struggle like me but didn’t have a buddy like George to help them.

So with George being a TV show producer and the guy who literally gave me my life back, I thought I would do a show with him. George tracked down the people behind the ProstaGenix pill. I got them into my studio and we did a show.

This show (which you can see below) is changing the prostate industry.*I had George produce it. You see him at the very end smiling on set. So many men come up to me or send me letters thanking me for doing this show. One famous urologist who watched the show on TV, said he was so surprised by the information that even he was unaware of. He is now recommending it to all his patients.*


I Taught The Doctor! ...Famous Urologist To-The-Stars, Watched My Show And Now Recommends My Solution To All His Patients.

And this is no ordinary urologist. Dr. Dudley Danoff is a Yale University School of Medicine graduate. Medical Honor Society no less. Summa Cum Laude at Princeton. He started Tower Urology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles over 40 years ago. He is Diplomate of the American Urological Society and each year is rated one of the top urologists in America. Even the King of Thailand, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej, appointed Dr. Danoff as his personal urologist. Everyone from Bill Maher, world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck, Mancow Muller, to the great Johnny Mathis have publicly praised him. He is the “go-to” urologist in Los Angeles.

He has never recommended any natural prostate solution until he watched my show.

Dr. Danoff watched the show at home. Ordered some of the pills and gave them to patients as a test. He was shocked at the results. He now recommends it to all his patients. He sent me a letter telling me what a great service my show provided.

I Have Done Over 60,000 Interviews And My Show On Prostate Pills Might Be More Talked About Than My Interviews With Brando, Putin, ...

I could talk for hours about how ProstaGenix has changed my life.*I could show you stacks of studies and letters I have received from men.*But you don’t have to take my word for it. I have some ball games to watch. Watch the investigative TV show I did. The show that changed Dr. Danoff’s patients’ lives. The show is changing so many men’s lives. Listen to the men and even a few of their wives who wrote in to share their amazing success stories. They weren’t asked, nor were they paid a penny to share their story on how their lives changed thanks to this amazing prostate solution. But they sure did. Thousands of them.

You can watch my TV presentation here above. And read some of the success stories (about 100 are posted. With real names – first and last – and their cities so you know they are real men – not just “made up” names like so many fake companies do. If you have time you can read over 127 of the thousands sent in. (prostagenix.com/testimonials)*

Believe me, it works.*In fact, I am so sure it will work for you that if you try it and don’t get the same life-changing results I got, you have a 90-day, empty bottle guarantee.*Try it. And if it doesn’t work, you have 90 days to return the bottles and get all your money back. Even if the bottles are totally empty. It’s an incredible guarantee. That’s because it works.*Very few guys have to use the guarantee. But if it doesn’t work for you, you will get your money back, just like that. No questions asked. Believe me. It works.*