Hope you have a pleasurable long lasting companion!!

When a women chooses to date a man she absolutely needs to

 let him know  she is in charge; not him and and strongly tell

him, she won't allow him to restrict who she has as friends.

Let him know:

1--over 80% a time  women apply for divorce: often he's


2--Two out of three women are molested by men and this will not happen to me

3--if you show signs of controlling behavior or jealousy you're out of my life.

4--if you ever hit me, scream at me even once our relation is over instantly.


Women lost their Austrias cycle, therefore are constantly in heat. They enjoy sex much more than men, have almost twice as many nerve endings. They are driven to be loved enjoy intercourse daily or more often. They seldom get the desired amount of sexual pleasure from the man they are with.

David says: What Is Needed In A Long-Lasting Enjoyable living together or Marriage.   April 10, 2016

We have been married for over twenty five years – the kids are older. We make love each and EVERY morning. We wake early for it. This was and remains my Wife’s initiative. Earlier when we were tying to put things back on track we started with a modest schedule which was an excellent tool. As things progressed and we were both really enjoying not only the time we spent together in the bedroom but how it transformed how we related to one another out of the bedroom – SHE sat me down and said she wanted to take control over this aspect of our lives. I agreed – and then she decided that it was going to be every day – we like mornings and we retire early to wake early. Let me assure you it does not become routine, stale, boring and physically – we though in our fifties have no problems what so ever.


I think it is like any form of physical exercise and the more you do it the more reliably everything works. If you think about it there are no reasons to avoid doing this everyday and plenty of reasons to make it happen. There are excuses perhaps but no valid reasons. let me suggest that you pick your potential disagreements very carefully when your partner just helped you experience an orgasm. I Have One Rule Only Which Is That She Achieves Release – First And I Am Fairly Relentless In This Relations MUST be mutually satisfactory.

Before agreeing to marriage a woman should ask a man if he intends to have intercourse with her almost daily. If he says no don't marry hem or live with him. This would dramatically reduce the 50% rate of divorce.

I have a long time lady friend that I dance with. when she found a new boy friend to Live with.  I went out and danced with her; he  came at me screaming loudly with his fist in my face, very upset. He let me know he was very jealous and she was his girlfriend.


I talk to her and she talk to him that she was in charge and  she wouldn't stand for jealousy or they would end the relationship now. The next time I went to the dance he waive me over to the dance with her. We are now friends and he has taken her on the land tours and cruises.

Almost identical thing happened to another lady friend when she found a new boyfriend to live with. She had wonderful results when she let him know she was in charge. We are now friends and he has taken her on the land tours and cruises.


In high school a very pretty girl set on one side of the classroom and all the boys sit on the other side she would raise her dress and she had no pants on. WOW!

  The girl grab my privates said she wanted some of that. Boys don't show their penis and most the time don't grab girls on their privates.

To have a happy marriage, girl should  undress in front of your companion and sleep naked. Don't go the bathroom or closet and get undressed or put on sleeping clothes. Be naked increases pleasure and happiness therefore it's extremely moral and helpful to a lasting marriage.

The Number one cause of companion separation is a lack of intercourse.

Women should know By age 40, 40% of men suffer erectile dysfunction (ED). With aging, ED becomes more common and by 80 it's 80%. This causes man to stop making love which is devastating to a women.

The only real solution is a penal implant that I have. Viagra and other pills are only temporary fixes and often don't work. If a man cannot get it up then he still must massage a woman's clitoris until she climaxes daily.

Men often climax in 3 to 5 minutes and roll over and go to sleep causing a woman who needs 15 minutes of touching caressing to feel loved and get pleasure to feel used.

Man wake up; you don't own a Woman slave. Women have every right that a man has plus one and that is the man's doing all he can to protect her and make her life filled with pleasure.

Too often man considered that they own the woman like she is his slave and he becomes jealous and controlling and afraid of losing her. It amazes me how many men are like this and end up divorced.

These are stories you should read about!!!

I’m a 30 year old female; been with my boyfriend 2.5 years and his sex drive has plummeted over the last year. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in this. Our relationship is pretty much perfect except for this issue, but it is a VERY devastating problem! He is so loving, sweet, kind, hard-working, generous, appreciative, trust-worthy… everything I would ever want in a life partner. I adore him in every way, but over the past 6 months I’ve had to initiate every single time and repeatedly get rejected. It sucks. It drains my confidence, makes me feel unlovable, and depresses me. I've found a lot of such articles on the Internet and it is the most common thing asked.

Women have twice as many nerve endings in her whoom then a man has and Women have a very strong desire for a lot of enjoyable sex. Men should know that a woman likes a man to kiss your titties, rub her clitoris and whoom for 10 to 15 minutes daily and enjoy sex with her; to show he really cares about her.

I Paul O’Brien had five children and I was working 10 hours a day’s seven days a week and my wife started talking divorce. I read an article and came to the conclusion it was caused by a lack of sex; so I set my clock a half hour early and enjoyed at least 20 minutes of intercourse and sexual play every day; our marriage became absolutely wonderful. I continued this with my first wife of 42 years until she was totally incapacitated due to Lou Gehrig’s disease. My second wife had Alzheimer’s and I had an absolute wonderful sexual relation daily until she was totally incapacitated.

It appears that most men have this natural desire to own and control a women and this is very destructive to relationships and absolutely needs to be subdued.

Many women get a false idea that if a man is jealous and a bit restrictive than he really is in love with them but this can only end in a disaster.

Another lady friend I dance with said she had been beaten by all five of her husbands and divorce them.

It is extremely important that the women let their husbands or boyfriends know on the first date that women are in charge not them and they won't stand for screaming or being hit or jealousy or restricting

We used an IUD for birth control when we needed it – no longer. My advice is to not utilize condoms ever in a long term committed relationship – they have no valid place there. There may be rare exceptions but do try to avoid them with alternate forms of birth control instead if at all possible.

Women choose who they want to be with and who they want to make love to. Over 80% of the  time women apply for divorce.

I’m at the stage where I’m ready to settle down and start a family. He has all the qualities I’m looking for and I am madly in love with him, but I am terrified of getting trapped in a sexless marriage. Especially if we were to have kids! I can see this only getting worse for him since he seems to shut down under stress. Should I run and hope I find someone just as amazing with a better matched sex drive or stay and try to work on this issue with him?


If it increases happiness is moral, if it decreases happiness it’s immoral. In Europe they teach this as the only way to make kids moral and I have extreme success.

Is Masturbation Moral Or Immoral?

Provides a fantastic high increasing happiness. It's very moral!

It’s safe, is not illegal, it makes you like your body for what it gives you. It costs nothing and provides a fantastic high.

The high is many times greater than you can get from smoking, alcohol and dope and drugs. It helps you feel your body can give you a lot of happy pleasure.

You can enjoy it one or more times a day.

Makes you like your body that can give you such wonderful pleasure.

When You Look At All Aspects Of Masturbation It Is Extremely Moral and you should do it often whether you’re a man or a woman or child.

If you want to keep your children from taking dope and drugs getting drunk and ending up in prison; do tell them to masturbate and that it is moral. It is what they teach in European schools With fantastic better results than America

If a mother is taking 50,000 units vitamin D per week +5 drops of iodine daily and vitamin K2 MK7 the baby will arrive with an IQ 15 to 25% higher than the parents and will not get autism, cancer, sugar diabetes and many other health problems.

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