Total, Quickly Cure Heart Disease                          3

And Eliminating Arteriosclerosis

What to do if a Doctor says you need a pacemaker, bypass or stent?

Heart--- Should anyone Ever Get a pacemaker, Bypass or Stints? NO.




Studies show pacemaker, Bypass or Stints are a temporary fixes that do not make you live any longer. They only cure symptoms.

The Journaly of the American Medical Association reported 90% of all heart bypass operation are not necessary. That patients who receive them do not live longer than patient who do not and that bypass and angioplasty directly killed nearly 20,000 heart patients each year. Are you willing to take chances and have a heart operation with these facts?


The New England Journal of Medicine wrote modern heart treatment appears neither to prolong life prevent heart attacks. Give the body what it needs in vitamins and minerals and you will be quickly cured and never have a heart attacked.

Study show if you are low on vitamin D  you are 14X more likely to die after first cardiovascular event and  7X increased chance of death if coronary artery disease. Since doctors have started telling people to take vitamin D the amount of heart attacks has decreased by 40%

 A real fix is if the Doctor tells you, you have a heart problem and If your condition is stable; by far your best choice is to not get a pacemaker, heart bypass operation or stent; but immediately take vitamin K2 mk7, niacinamide, vitamim D3, Magnesium, desiccated thyroid, selenium, copper, iodide, and other vitamins I am taking. clicking here.

Almost No one should die from heart problems seeing we have here a total cure!

Vitamin K2 Mk7 quickly cures heart problems. It is one of the most important vitamin you can take for health and longevity. Vitamin K2 MK 7  It causes calcium to be removed from your arteries, heart valves and veins, carboxylates it so it goes into your bones where it belongs; dramatically reducing heart attacks, blindness, hearing loss, back pain and bone breakage reverse Alzheimer’s. Studies show this vitamin increases life expectancy by 7 years increases bone density by 4% in one year and makes you 59% less likely to have a broken bone.

Sam a 59 year old with heart valves stiff not opening and closing properly. This is in aortic stiffness also precedes kidney disease and is equally grave condition. In 10 months after taking large amounts of vitamin D and K2 his aortic valve was opening 50% more. In a short while test showed his heart valve and heart was operating normal. It’s much better than a heart operation.

My Dr. said my heart valve was leaking like a sieve and it needed to be replaced in three months or I would die. I did not want them to cut open my chest to work on my heart.

 I read what Sam did and so I didn’t get the operation. Within three months my heart valve full of calcium deposit was totally cured. My heart rate went from 50 to 80 bpm showing my leaky heart valve is cured.  Nine years later I am still alive. Vitamin K2 MK7 removes plugged veins and increased my bone density.


Vitamin K2mk7,   In a very short time in most cases your veins will be cleared of arteriosclerosis, plugged veins and the heart problems will no longer exist. Avoid exploratory operation up your leg to determine the extent of your heart problem as this can break blood clots loose killing you.

. If you have a heart problem it’s a sure thing all your veins are partially or fully plugged and you have millions of other very veins in the heart, tiny vei ns in the lungs causing breathing problems, also veins going to hair follicles causing hair loss, veins in the brain causing dementia, veins going to your eyes causing cataracts and the start of macular degeneration, veins going to your ears causing hearing loss and all parts your body that get plugged with myxedema and calcium deposits.  

The average Dr. lives to be 58 years old showing me doctors don't know how to cure themself. Do you want to put your trust in doctors that normally can't live more than 58 years? I feel you're stupid if you trust your doctor to keep you healthy. 

Over 100,000 children and over 60,000 adults die from  cardiomyopathy, which is a SELENIUM DEFICIENCY. The same as white muscle disease, or stiff lamb disease,


There is a whole series of diseases that are caused by COPPER DEFICIENCY. It Causes aneurysms, varicose veins, and mini-strokes. So do take selenium and copper capsules.

Reasons Why Saturated Fats Are Good For Us to loose weight, keep from having heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, strokes and cancer.

Dr. Barnes reports a dramatic 90% reduction in heart attacks by people taking what he prescribes and what I’m taking. This eliminates the need for a pacemaker.


Iodine deficiency can slow your heart rate to 30 beats per minute and cause arrhythmia.

My Dr. said my heart valve was leaking like a sieve and if I didn't get a heart operation within three months I would probably die. He started scheduling an operation I said no. 

By taking K2 MK7 vitamin In a few months my heart rate went from 57 beats a minute to 80 beats a minute indicating my heart valve problem was totally cured. I am sure glad I didn't go through with the operations and have to take rejection medicine for the rest of my life.

Recent studies show Coumadin a blood thinner increases veins plugging by 50% in one year in three years you end up with three times as much plugging. This is definitely  stupid . Don't take it or an aspirin; ABC news reported aspirin makes you more likely to die from bleeding and you're twice as likely to get macular generation and go blind. Coumadin causes heart attacks instead of eliminating them.

Nattokinase dramatically reduces blood clots and fibrins in the veins with no harmful side effects and no blood test required.

This solution will also provide you with strong bones, stop and reverse macular degeneration, dramatically reduced pain, and arthritis, improve your hearing, improve your breathing, eliminate the need for knee and hip replacements, improve all aspects of your health.

One patient Mrs. GF was told that her arteries were 90% clogged and that she needed immediate coronary artery bypass surgery or she would not see the weekend. She refused to undergo the operation and traveled instead to the Gerson therapy hospital in Tijuana Mexico. GF was in a very dangerous situation needing oxygen even to sleep and was barely able to walk across the room without assistance. But she followed 4 Gerson therapy faithfully both under hospital staff supervision and on her own after returning home.

Upon re-examining her two years later the same doctor found, if you look at this print GF’s arteries were 100% clear and she was able to function normally. He claim that some kind of medical miracle had taken place.

I had a woman who was on end-stage kidney dialysis taking the same vitamins and minerals she was totally cured of her kidney dialysis and cancer. Dr. said some kind of miracle had taken place.

The Doctor shown changed from Centroid as prescribed by most American doctors, to

desiccated thyroid his face was full of myxedema and most likely his veins were very plugged

and he started taking iodine and the swelling went out of his face, his double chin disappeared,

his hair grew back, and his neck became much smaller.and his hair grew back indicating the

tiny veins going to his hair follicles had cleared allowing nutrients to get to the hair follicles.

In two years time I now have 30% more hair. This indicates all the tiny veins in my body have clear of plaque. This cured my serious COPD, arthritis, heart problems, prostrate problems all by taking the proper amounts of vitamins minerals and desiccated thyroid and iodine and magnesium.

Low acid causes some young and nearly all old people not to digest their food and get vitamins and minerals into their blood so they are starving to death regardless of what they eat. 

I am now taking fruit juice and putting it in a coffee cup and adding one or more tablespoons of vinegar. This has resulted and me peeing that is almost as clear as water. I'm feeling better and my skin is looking much better.

A study of over 200,000 people in England taking acid lowering PPIs for a long period of time had a 50% increase in the death rate. Drug companies are making $10 billion by teaching doctors to prescribe these deadly PPI pills.

Low stomach acid causes Acid reflux, Ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, heartburn, leg cramps, broken bones, Alzheimer’s  stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, asthma, fatigue, , back pain.  macular Degeneration  and rheumatoid arthritis. weakness and rapid ageing.  If your stomach isn't calm you have slow stomach acid.

You must have enough stomach acid to digest your food to get vitamins and minerals into your blood. Or your body takes calcium and other things from your bones and cartilage causing you to have operations,

To increase stomach acid take 1 or more TBS apple cider vinegar with mother, ¼ tsp. Stevia a sweetener that kills Lyme and other diseases along with a quarter teaspoon of pure powder vitamin C in a half glass of water or cider with each meal to increase the acid content in your stomach so your stomach starts digesting your food getting minerals and vitamins into your blood. The taste is quite good. Vitamin C Powder -- 5000 mg - 8 oz $6.70 at Amazon   Stevia Sweetener, 16 oz $6.98 at amazon.Click Here To Learn More.

Click here to find What and where to Purchase and how much to take to cure almost all health problems.

Seniors With Insufficient Levels Of Vitamin D were 3 times more likely to die from heart disease and 2.5 times more likely to die from any cause. These were the findings of the University of Colorado and the Massachusetts Gen. Hospital. Your OH25 D blood test should read above 100 and less than 250. If you're above 100 your Doctor will guess and wrongly say you’re overdosing.

Our government now requires food manufacturers to add a small amount of niacinamide the wheat products we eat. The Government should require food manufacturers to add enough iodine, magnesium, niacinamide, vitamin D3 to cure a huge number of health problems and dramatically stop violence and empty most prisons, hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices

Broda O. Barnes, M.D., the foremost researcher of the thyroid, went to Graz, Austria, and checked 70,000 autopsies records between 1930 and 1970. In his book Heart Attack Rareness in Thyroid Treated Patients,

Dr. Barnes details a 20-year study with 1,569 patients. Among the women, 844 had no heart attacks, and men had only 4 of 72 expected heart attacks per our governments Framingham study. That is a 90 percent reduction in heart attacks.

If the body does not get enough iodine the thyroid starts producing myxedema. a Jell-O like substance that plugs veins causing arteriosclerosis.

Broda O. Barnes, M.D., gave them magnesium, desiccated thyroid, and iodide to get rid of the calcium and myxedema plugged arteries quickly curing heart problems and stopping heart attacks. These vitamins and minerals will make you much healthier and cost a lot less than drugs, hospital visits and keep your brain, heart, lungs, ears and eyes and thyroid working great so you won't need to go to doctor as often. Your doctor should check for iron, zinc deficiency.  


Calcium deposits on the valves of the heart and in the veins plugging them, if you do not get the proper ratio of calcium to magnesium. The ratio should be 2 to 1 or 1 to 1. Take a lot of magnesium capsules until your stool is soft. If you crush a calcium tablet and putting it in a glass of water it won't dissolve. If you add some crushed magnesium it will instantly dissolve. When the magnesium and a vitamin K2 MK7 you take dissolves the calcium in your heart valves and in your veins this calcium magnesium solution enters bones and stop bone loss and is used to build bones stronger.

Dr. Mark Starr, Dr. David Brownstein, and Dr. Borda Barnes tell us congestive heart failure is caused by the thyroid and adrenaline glands not working properly and this can be quickly and easily cured. 5 million Americans have congested heart failure. 680,000 new cases of congestive heart failure are diagnosed each year. 500,000 people die from congestive heart failure each year. This is terrible seeing their is a cure by eliminating myxedema caused by the thyroid not working properly that plugs veins, heart, ears, lungs and most other parts of the body making them not work properly.

"Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Dr. Joel Wallach

You can prevent, totally prevent, heart cardio myopathy for ten cents a day. And if we don't do it, we are malignant dumb, I like to call it. Malignant dumb if you don't take in ten cents a day of SELENIUM. It's a waste of your life. It's one of those landmines that you can avoid.


The top heart valves are healthy and open and close properly. The bottom valves show veins full of calcium deposits and myxedema and are only opening and closing very little slowing the heart rate to below 80. As we get older our thyroid slows down and almost stops causing our metabolism to go down and our weight to increase.


If you are over 40 you most likely need desiccated thyroid and iodine.  If your temperature is below 98° first thing in the morning or below 98.6 during the day you have a serious thyroid problem and you should start taking iodine, magnesium and desiccated thyroid capsules. Taking iodine capsules is extremely important for the thyroid and to keep from getting cancers. Iodine is safe to 100,000 times the minimum daily requirement.


By taking these vitamins and minerals,  plus K2-Mk7 my heart rate went from 57 beats per minute to a very healthy 80 beats per minute. No pacemaker needed.

The next two heart pictures are of normal hearts and congestive hearts and the thick congestive hearts are full of myxedema. Desiccated thyroid capsules along with iodine capsules cures hypothyroid,  diabetes, Alzheimer's,  and stops over 90% of heart attacks , lowers blood pressure, lowers LDL & triglycerides, raises HDL, cures congestive heart failure,  stops sugar diabetes from causing blindness, hearing loss, hair loss, sleep troubles, gangrene causing legs to be cut off, balancing problems, and loss of smell. Wow this is needed by almost all elderly.

Dr. Starr writes that he has never seen anyone with congestive heart failure cured using chemically produced Centroid or prescription drugs.  Dr. Starr has cured many people with congestive heart failure using desiccated thyroid and other vitamins and minerals.

If you want to die an agonizing, miserable death with nearly all parts your body failing, take exactly what most doctors prescribe for curing congestive heart failure.


I cured a person with congestive heart failure. I saw a fellow I had worked with 30 years before. He was standing with a walker and his wife was crying. I asked "what's wrong". She said "I don't know what I will do without Jack." I said "what's wrong with Jack." She said "the Dr. told her that Jack had only a few months to live due to severe congestive heart failure." I asked "does he take any vitamins or minerals." She said "no." I got in my car and bought a good multiple vitamins and some calcium. I told him to take a multiple vitamin daily and three 500 mg calcium daily. Two weeks later he went golfing with me not needing the walker. That was 26 years ago he is now 96 and they have been married 76 years. His doctor took all his vitamins and minerals and through them in a garbage can. The doctor then put him on  Coumadin that causes his veins to plug. Soon after he had a heart attack, a bypass operation and a pacemaker. At 96 years old he died due to Dr. caused complications.

Some scientists are reporting that all major health problems are most likely caused by malnutrition from a lack of enough vitamins, minerals  and others items in the food we eat;. So we need to take food capsules that provide the missing nutrients. An example is if you're low on vitamin D you are three times more likely to have a heart attack. If you're low on magnesium you're twice as likely to die and you can't get these from the food you eat.

At Google Type pobrien48 & click Paul O will appear click on it to my web, to learn how to cure many other major health problems.


Mail, Email or make and give copies to your friends, relation and to people this may help.

Definitely take a copy of this to your Doctors who may have family or friends he would like to quickly, totally cure what most consider incurable.

It's a sure thing your Doctor will say your overdosing if you take the amount of vitamins and minerals recommended here. The doctors on the Internet who have successfully cured major health problems say the amount listed here is the minimum amount required. Your Doctor was never trained or took any courses on using mega doses of vitamins and minerals to cure anything. The CDC's says no one in the last 28 years has died from overdosing on vitamins and minerals.

The CDC reports prescription drugs prescribed by the doctor and approved by the FDA kills over 186,000 people per year. No wonder doctors are so concerned about overdosing when what they give people kills so many.. If you are low on magnesium and 86 percent of people are you are twice as likely to die. Prescription drugs cannot cure the problems caused by magnesium deficiency. You need to take magnesium. If you are low on vitamin D3 you are three times more likely to have a heart attack, or have a baby with autism and a lack of D3 dramatically reduces your chances of surviving cancer. Again no amount of prescription drugs can fill your needs for vitamin D 3. Seeing people in 49 other countries live longer than Americans your goal should be to take enough vitamins and minerals to cure your health problems and to get off all prescription drugs.

I won't take prescription drugs. I don't spend money on prescription drugs. I don't spend hours in doctors’ offices. I don't drive time after time sick to the doctor's office. I have spent many, many hours studying vitamins and minerals that have made me exceptionally healthy at my age with no known health problems. The time and effort has definitely paid off.


This year an estimated 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer, it's totally curable with two 50,000 units of vitamin D3 per week and liposomal vitamin C, Every day. Over 2000 Americans suffer their first heart attack. 94% of heart attacks would be eliminated by taking enough desiccated thyroid and adrenaline glandules to raise the body temperature to 98.6. Every year nearly 470,000 Americans who had a heart attack have another. Every day nearly 2100 Americans have a stroke.


One in three seniors dies with Alzheimer's or dementia. Today an American develops Alzheimer's disease every 68 seconds. You are now 90 times more likely to get Alzheimer's than you were in 1970. To improve your health take the vitamins and minerals the body needs and by eating and cooking with a lot of butter and no vegetable oils, eat a lot of Himalayan salt and coconut oil and dramatically reduce wheat products and don’t take any cholesterol lowering drugs.


Making your own liposomal vitamin C

 It is much more effective at curing cancer than any other form of vitamin C and cost only a few pennies a day.

Normal vitamin C capsules only go into your body at rate of 19% and has difficulty getting into the cell walls.  Liposomal vitamin C enters your body a 93% effective rate. And quickly enters into all cells including cancer cells. In the cells it makes a lot of hydrogen peroxide that kills cancer cells, but normal cells love it.

It soon makes you feel much healthier and you never lose your hair so it is much better than chemotherapy.

You will need

Sunflower Lecithin Granules Non-Gmo 16 oz $13

 100% Pure Vitamin C Powder 16 oz  $21

You will need A sonic jewelry cleaner.


Put a cup and a half of water in a blender, add 1 tablespoon of powdered vitamin C, and add 3 tablespoons of lecithin, granules; Blend for 1 min.


Let's set in the blender for three hours or more and then blend again.


Poor into a sonic jewelry cleaner run it for 12 min.


Pour the solution into a large open mouth bowl as it is very difficult to empty the jewelry cleaner without spilling a lot of the solution


Put a funnel into an empty water bottle and pour the solution into the bottle. Keep refrigerated If you have COPD or cancer take one tablespoon morning and night.


I pour a tablespoon into my orange juice or coffee and drink it 


Water pills will only cause health harms seeing the problem is the thyroid not working properly.

Do take a copy of this to your family Dr. and your heart Dr. These doctors can learn a whole lot more if they get the book on hypothyroidism by Dr. Mark Starr,

An absolute fantastic talk by Dr. Brownstein that everyone should take the time to listen to, this video on iodine (Why you need it, Why you can't live without it.)if there is a major age decline in America it will be from people not getting enough iodine. A lack of iodine affects all parts of the body especially the brain.

In 1790, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria mandated autopsies for everyone who died in a hospital. This was a virtual laboratory for medical researchers. In 1890, it was discovered that when a thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland) was performed, the result was a condition called myxedema, in which a jelly-like mucin substance filled the arteries. This blockage was enough to cause a heart attack and subsequent death. Cholesterol does not plugged blood veins. Cholesterol is good for you and the people who live the longest studies show have cholesterol readings of 254.


The cholesterol myth and the trillion-dollar industry that has developed to treat cardiovascular disease is a formidable obstacle to overcome for those who would rather prevent heart attacks than treat the symptoms with bypass surgery, angioplasty, stinting, and cholesterol-lowering drugs

Jacki’s Story

Jacki has a great story of having her high cholesterol, high LDL and high triglycerides go down, and HDL go up,  simply from treating her hypothyroidism correctly with desiccated thyroid capsules, Iodine and other things!

Just wanted to share this! My endocrinologist wanted me to start Statins last year due to high cholesterol (it was 276 and the HDL was low, LDL high, triglycerides VERY high – over 400).

I took her prescription and got it filled but never took the first pill after reading the side effects, etc. Plus, I’d gotten Janie’s book and saw that hypothyroidism could cause high cholesterol…

I’ve been taking Cortef for adrenals and armor desiccated thyroid capsules and then Cytomel (T3) for thyroid (due to high Reverse T3) for about 10 months now. I just had my labs done last week, and had the best results!

Triglycerides: 173 H (<150)  down from over 400
Cholesterol, Total: 196 (125-200)    down from 276
HDL: 66 (> 45)
LDL: 95 (<130)
Chol./HDLC Ratio: 3.0 (< OR = 5.0)

My doctor – the one who is helping me with these adrenal/thyroid issues – NOT my endocrinologist, whom I have not heard from yet(!) – was amazed! Other than the slightly high triglycerides (which is still way down from over 400!) – she said I have a GREAT lipid profile! My HDL is higher than ever; LDL is lower than ever… And I made NO dietary changes or other meds that would’ve affected this! So it HAD to be thyroid-related…!

Thanks SO much to all of you “pioneers” who are leading the way and teaching the rest of us how to properly treat hypothyroidism!

Take your temperature before you get out of bed in the morning and it should be 98° by noon your temperature should raise to 98.6° every temperature is less than this you need desiccated thyroid and if your doctor tries to put you on any drug  synthetic thyroid medicine like Centroid they don't work and you will to get sick and die.

In 1890, Viennese pathologists discovered that a thyroid deficiency caused heart attacks. Researchers found that the removal of the thyroid gland (thyroidectomy) brought about a complete blockage of the arteries.

In order to confirm his findings, Barnes reviewed the medical literature. He wanted to see if there were other indications of a relationship between the thyroid and the heart.


In 1877, Dr. William Ord, in London, performed an autopsy and noticed a large amount of a jelly-like mucin, which held water and caused swelling all over the body. The thyroid gland was almost completely destroyed. The heart was enlarged, and the arteries were diseased, containing deposits of foreign material that narrowed them greatly.

Five years later, The Clinical Society of London published a 317-page study on myxedema. Thyroidectomies were performed to prevent suffocation in patients with huge goiters. A distinguished Viennese surgeon, professor Bilroth, noticed that routine autopsies should have shown damage to the arteries in those losing their thyroids.


In 1895, Dr. Von Eiselberg, one of Bilroths’s students, performed thyroidectomies on sheep and goats to study the effects on their arteries. He found atherosclerosis developing in the big main artery, the aorta, and in the coronary arteries. These observations were confirmed by other Viennese investigators who also noted that thyroid administration would prevent artery damage.


In 1913, a book by Dr. Wilhelm Falta defined myxedema as a condition in which the arteries become prematurely damaged by atherosclerosis. In 1918, a German physician, Dr. H. Zondek, noticed that digitalis could not help some of his patients with heart failure. When Zondek noticed myxedema in those patients, he tried thyroid therapy. Their enlarged hearts shrank to normal size, and their edema disappeared.

In 1925, Dr. H.A. Christian, of Rhode Island, confirmed Zondek’s findings. His hypothyroid patients with heart failure had improved heart function following thyroid therapy.


You will need to take the vitamins and minerals I've been taking. When you click on the blue it'll take you to where I buy these vitamins and minerals at the lowest cost I could find, .  I feel so good I think I have found the fountain of youth.

Eat More Saturated Fat Butter? -- Amazing Results - YouTube  a fantastic video on greatly improving your health, increase your testosterone, dopamine and serotonin levels. raising your HDL good cholesterol, curing cancer by eating a lot of saturated fat called butter.  Your brain is mostly saturated fat much like butter and by eating butter you become mentally sharper and it causes you to lose weight improves your liver and you gain muscle.

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us EVERY DOCTOR SHOULD PURCHASE AND READ THE FOLLOWING BOOKS Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It ... By Dr. David Brownstine  Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic by Mark Starr  Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Broda Barnes

You, your family and friends would all be much healthier if they took the following: Everyone in America is low on iodine, magnesium, vitamin D, due to fluorides, bromides and other things in our food that harm the thyroid. Most will need to take desiccated thyroid and adrenaline glandules.

It's a sure thing your Doctor will say your overdosing if you take the amount of vitamins and minerals recommended here. The doctors on the Internet who have successfully cured major health problems say the amount listed here is the minimum amount required. Your Doctor was never trained or took any courses on using vitamins and minerals to cure anything. The CDC's says no one in the last 28 years has died from overdosing on vitamins and minerals.

The CDC reports prescription drugs prescribed by the doctor and approved by the FDA kills over 186,000 people per year. No wonder doctors are so concerned about overdosing when what they give people kills so many.. If you are low on magnesium and 86 percent of people are you are twice as likely to die. Prescription drugs cannot cure the problems caused by magnesium deficiency. You need to take magnesium. If you are low on vitamin D3 you are three times more likely to have a heart attack, or have a baby with autism and and and a lack of D3 dramatically reduces your chances of surviving cancer. Again no amount of prescription drugs can fill your needs for vitamin D 3.

Seeing people in 49 other countries live longer than Americans your goal should be to take enough vitamins and minerals to cure your health problems and to get off all prescription drugs as they are dangerous.

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