The only way to cure coronavirus, flues and keep them  from causing pandemics year after year.

by Dr. Brownstein 248-851-1600

At my office, the Center for Holistic Medicine (CHM), we have had 85 COVID patients. At this time, no one has been hospitalized, no one has been diagnosed with pneumonia, and there have been no deaths.

The coronavirus started in China and they have only had less than 5000 people die from it They  are making sure Chinese people are get enough iodine, vitamin D, selenium, copper and other needed supplements by requiring food manufacturers to add these elements. When the coronavirus came they quickly cured it with latge amounts of vitamin C. Eliminating their pandemic.

the TV reported that if you have a high vitamin D level reaches of dying from Covid later virus is much less.TV reported that if you have a high vitamin D level you are much less likely to die from coronavirus.

We should eliminate our coronavirus pandemic the same as the Chinese did by making sure other people have extremely high immune system. China has became a benevolent dictator ship allowing people to own things and to prosper. It does require food manufacturers to put in vitamins and minerals to improve health. It is not the old communism way it's a whole lot like a democracy..

The average Chinese lives to be 84 years old and have an IQ of 105 and that's much better than Americus. Let's learn from and copy what the Chinese have done to dramatically improve the lives of their people.

 Why is it that almost everything I buy comes from China? It's because they're smarter than Americans with an average IQ of 105 we can change that and become much smarter my having our government makes food manufacturers add enough iodine to our food.

My hope has been for our government to takes back the Food and drug administration and require food manufacturers to put in the proper amount of vitamins and minerals to cure people of almost any disease including pandemics like they have done in China.


If we don't get this done we will allow one pandemic after another shutting down countries and killing millions of people. See my web


My advises to quickly cure coronavirus I would go to Amazon and buy vitamin C powder, a tiny scoop provides 1228 time the minimum daily requirement. I buy vitamin D pills 50,000 iu daily  at Amazon. I buy liquid iodine 7% at Amazon and take five to 10 drops. I buy a multiple vitamin, mineral capsule from Swanson at Amazon. Get K2 MK7 vitamin that cleans out the tiniest veins and illuminates COPD breathing problems.This is what I think you will be needing to keep from getting or curing coronavirus. All these are way below the toxic level. Learn more of what you need to take at my web

People in China with coronavirus had a death rate of .3%. And a total of less than 5000 have die,. We in America which is 7% of the worlds population have had over 110,000 deaths let's do what the Chinese did by having food manufacturers put iodine and other vitamins in our food. And making sure our people are getting the proper amounts.

Dr. Brownstine reports  I suggested that, with coronavirus, I would  not to get a flu vaccine since the flu vaccine has been shown to significantly increase the risk of coronavirus and other flu-like viral infections.

The doctor Hoxie clinic cured Over 30,000 people by taking them off all prescription drugs and giving them desiccated thyroid and other vitamins and minerals. The results were fantastic.  

Doctor Hoxie wrote;

 Drugs are dangerous. They are chemicals that have never existed before in nature and were created in labs. Drugs are toxins that must be detoxified by your liver. Toxins are poisons. The use of multiple drugs is extremely dangerous.

You and you alone are responsible for your health and the sooner you take charge of it the better oft you will be. You may have lost it before if you let physicians make the decisions for you.

Based on what Dr. Hoxie he said we should eliminate drug companies. Alzheimers is only caused by prescription drugs.

If they put into effect what I have found to cure health problems,  most hospitals would go bankrupt and drug companies would go out of business and most doctors offices would close.See my web

Our government would have to take over so people would have someplace to go for accidents, infections and other things..


I Repeat If America put into effect what I have found to cure health problems, most hospitals would go bankrupt and drug companies would go out of business and most doctors offices would close.


The Chinese Government required food manufacturers to add Iodine and other vitamins and minerals and then made sure everyone was getting the proper amounts and adjusted the amounts. China proved you can cure coronavirus with vitamins and minerals and that's more than 1.4 billion Chinese people were saved from the pandemic. Learn more at my web

Report by Paul OBrien 8333 E. Court St., Davison MI 48423 810-736-8873 web

We are so damn stupid to rely on drug companies to come up with a vaccine or a drug to cure coronavirus. Drug companies have spent over $1 trillion trying to cure heart attacks that were increasing until doctor started checking vitamin D and giving patients vitamin D this has caused heart attacks to drop 40% causing hospital to lose money and start laying off people, 


Most heart attacks and COPD breathing problems would be eliminated by having people take enough iodine, vitamin D3 and  K2 MK7..Taking vitamin K2 MK 7 increases bone density by 4% and makes you 59% less likely to get a broken bone in one year, Instead of bone density going down 1% per year and help you live healthy 7 years longer. And does away with breathing problems COPD

One such doctor that we have featured many times here on Health Impact News, is Dr. David Brownstein from the (Center For Holistic Medicine) in Michigan.

If you are diagnosed with coronavirus go to Dr. Brownstine's clinic immediately..

Dr. Brownstein has just published a report where he is claiming that his clinic has treated 85 patients for COVID-19 and that none of them have died, and none of them had to be hospitalized. He has also video recorded some of their testimonies.

There are five practitioners at CHM: Drs. Brownstein, Ng, Nusbaum, Jenny Drummond, PA, and Taylor Easson, NP.Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, I have been asking my partners how their COVID patients are doing.

As of this week, we have had 85 patients either diagnosed with COVID or suspected COVID.  I am pleased to report that our patients are doing well with this illness. (Note, since new guidelines have come out stating that any suspected COVID patient can be diagnosed with COVID, I am lumping COVID and suspected COIVD patients together for this post.)

I first reported to you about COVID on January 26, 2020. That was the first time I presented our protocol of using vitamins A, C, D, and iodine not only to support the immune systembut also to treat viral infections.

In that post, I also pointed out how important eating a healthy diet is.  The importance of using intravenous nutrient therapy, especially vitaminII C, was mentioned.

What should you take to cure coronavirus? 

That post seems like a lifetime ago even though it was only 10 weeks ago. During that time period, my message has not changed. In fact, after witnessing the results our patients have experienced, I am more convinced than ever that a holistic approach like I presented above should be the first-line treatment provided to any COVID patient.

The human body is a true wonder. Given the proper support, it can do wonders. And, when the body is healthy, it can withstand and overcome an infectious illness like COVID.

The initial conventional approach to COVID was to encourage people to wash their hands (a good thing). As things worsened, the only other conventional idea was to quarantine. When the disease spun out of control our Government and conventional medicine panicked. They had no real therapies to help COVID-suffering patients except for supportive care.

Thankfully, a few conventional therapies, like hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, have been promoted—though many in conventional medicine were downplaying it for far too long.

At my office, we were ready.  The first 24 years of practicing holistic medicine was our time to figure out what worked and what did not work for people suffering from viral infections. That set us up to be ready for this pandemic.

In my blogs, I encouraged people to take high doses of vitamins A, C, D, and iodine at the first sign of an illness. In our practice, this was sufficient for the majority of our COVID patients. I (and my partners) have no doubt that the vast majority of COVID patients would avoid a deterioration of their symptoms if they started this protocol at the onset of symptoms.

However, some became more ill or did not start the oral supplements early enough into their illness. Those patients needed additional holistic therapies. These included nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine along with intravenous nutrient therapies.

To protect our staff and healthy patients, we did not treat sick COVID patients inside my office. We were gowning up and meeting our patients at their automobile at the back of our building and administering IVs and ozone therapies. Some of these patients were very sick. So far, they all recovered. I have shared some of their stories via a skype interview on previous blog posts.

To watch a few of our patient testimonials go to:

There Is Still Hope Out There (3/28/20): Christopher

There Is Still Hope Out There (3/30/20): Jeremiah

There Is Still Hope Out There (4/05/20): Kendra

I think the end is in sight. We seem to be crossing over the hump of this dreadful disease. I have no doubt we will be in a much better position over the coming two weeks.

Folks, I hope the Powers-That-Be learn from this catastrophe. In the future, we need to focus on supporting the host rather than conventional medicine’s focus on killing the infectious organism.  We do not have a vaccine or any other conventional therapy that is successful at destroying COVID

In the future, I can guarantee you there will be other infectious illnesses that conventional medicine has no treatment to offer.  Instead of waiting for the hail-Mary from conventional medicine, it is better to be prepared and have your body ready to fight back.


This can be achieved by following my original instructions; eat a healthy diet, maintain optimal hydration, exercise, and correct nutrient imbalances with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

If you don’t have a holistic doctor, it is past time to find one. At my office, we are happy to see you or do a telemed appointment. If you are interested in this please email Ann Salomon at

A holistic doctor can help you achieve your optimal health. Conventional doctors, on the other hand, are busy diagnosing pathology and prescribing the drug to treat that diagnosis. The problem with the conventional model is that the drug prescribed does not promote health as nearly all drugs poison enzymes and block receptors in the body.

There is a time and a place for drug therapies, but they are well over-prescribed in the US. The use of many drug therapies leaves the body depleted of vital nutrients that it will need when confronted with something like COVID.

As I previously stated, the Center for Holistic Medicine currently has 85 COVID patients who are all doing well and have not been hospitalized. There were some I was worried about—they kept me up at night. I called them daily to monitor their progress.

Having them increase the frequency of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine helped them all. Some of the sickest were advised to nebulize every hour or two for a short period. IV therapies and ozone treatments have helped many.

This therapy has worked for helping COVID patients. It is sad that hospitalized COVID patients are not given the proper nutritional support when they are admitted.

In a perfect world, I would immediately start an IV of vitamin C and begin nebulizing any hospitalized COVID patient with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. I am sure that would markedly lower the need for mechanical ventilation.

Final Thoughts:

Like most holistic therapies, the earlier they are started in a disease process the better they perform. AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A VIRAL ILLNESS I ENCOURAGE MY PATIENTS TO START MY VIRAL PROTOCOL OF TAKING VITAMINS A, C, D AND IODINE.   Due to the severity of COVID, I now recommend starting to nebulize hydrogen peroxide and iodine early into the illness as well.

Investment Report Reveals Medical Cures not Profitable for Big Pharma – Sick People Needed to Sustain Drug Sales.

We have a cure, which involves vitamins, and minerals that would destroy big Pharma profits so don’t expect it to be checked out or reported by TV.

Better times are coming. Keep me updated on how you are doing. I will much more to talk about in relation to COVID. More posts will be coming soon.

To All Our Health,

II have study from  major universities and other clinics as to what is the toxic level of vitamins and minerals I also have listed the amount I would recommend you take based on these findings. Click here to my web on this

The major reason these people die is from pneumonia, heart and COPD that can be quickly cured

 An uncle of mine had extreme pneumonia he could barely move his fingers the nurse at the rehab center gave him 3 to 5 hours to live. I went to my brother-in-law who is an osteopathic doctor. And talked him into giving me a prescription for Ed

I gave the nurse four bottles of pills and I said Dr. Yezbick said she must give him these immediately and she looked at me in wonderment but she said leave the room and I’ll see what I can do. My brother-in-law Ed left the rehab center and went home five days later. He was cured

I went to visited my son in Wyoming and he was sitting there with an oxygen machine and tubes up his nose and when he took me around to visit things he had a battery operated one he carried under his arm for oxygen due to COPD. I gave him K2 K7 and 50,000 iu vitamin D

Three months later he called me and said he had just walked 17 miles in two days up through the mountains hunting mule deer and elk and he hadn't used any oxygen. He was breathing fine with no COPD.  K2 MK7 removes all the calcium in the lungs and a heart so that you can breath with no problem.

I had a similar problem with extreme COPD. I couldn’t sleep and I could hardly do anything I started taking this K2 MK7 vitamin and it cured me. I had driven off a four-lane highway onto the wrong side of the road and two cars went by me on either side of my car and I missed one coming at me; at that time they should’ve taken my license away. I now have no breathing problem or heart and no COPD

I have a website that it is There you will find what vitamin D does and also what K2MK7 does. You will also find what iodine, selenium and copper due to increased life expectancy and increase IQ.

The governments of China, Finland and even America require food manufacturers to add certain vitamins and minerals to our food. 

Neighbor didn’t get to Florida until January and I asked him why and he said I went to the hospital in Flint Michigan four different times and nearly died twice from pneumonia. I gave him some literature. He came to me about two days later and said do you have any of those 50,000 units of vitamin D available I said yes and I sold him some. He had sent the literature to his son in Flint Michigan who is a doctor and he was told to get some pills from me if possible. He hasn’t been sick with pneumonia in the last five years

For the Chinese this has caused the IQ to increase dramatically to 105 which is much higher than Americas and it has increased the life expectancy to 84 years old which is higher than ours also

The only way we can Make America's live longer and healthier with higher IQ is for our government to require food manufacturers to add the necessary vitamins and minerals to our food and then make sure we are getting that amount  like the Chinese due. This would help everyone including the very poor and Elderly.  

Around 1900 over 100,000 people died each year from pellagra which is caused by a lack of niacinamide and was cured by requiring food manufacturers to add niacinamide to all American wheat products. If you look on any bread or other wheat products you will see they have added niacinamide. It’s far less than what is really needed.


How in the hell can I get the hospital to try this and cure many people   I am sure they will not find a pharmaceutical cure for coronavirus.?


I have extreme bone cancer and prostate cancer. I took turmeric forte it goes into cancer stem cells and kills them I am now totally cured. If you have friends or relation with cancer get them on turmeric forte 

i Paul OBrien contacted you 8333 E. Court St., Davison, MI 48423 810-736-8873 web    Email

We have a cure and almost no one should die from coronavirus or even the flus.