Vitamin K2 MK Vitamin K2 is possibly the most important vitamin you can take for healthy and longevity and to cure coronavirus. 

Rotterdam study followed 4608 men aged 55 and over in the Netherlands. The men with the highest intake of K2 had a 52% lower risk of severe calcification, a 41% lower risk of coronary heart disease a 51% lower risk of dying of coronary heart disease and a 46% reduced risk of mortality.

My Doctor said I had a heart valve was leaking like a sieve and if I didn't get it fixed in three months I would die. I started taking K2 MK 7 that cleans out the calcium in my heart valve and now it's been 11 years and I haven't had a heart attack.


I feel K2 MK7 will eliminate most of the deaths from heart attacks totally over 650,000 deaths each year.


Our government should also require food manufacturers to add enough iodine, magnesium, selenium, copper, to increase IQ to 105 at life expectancy to 84 years old like they have done in China Our government should also require food manufacturers to add enough iodine, magnesium, selenium, copper, to increase IQ to 105 at life expectancy to 84 years old like they have done in China

Taking this vitamin K2 MK 7 increases bone density by 4% and makes you 59% less likely to get a broken bone in one year, Instead of bone density going down 1% per year and help you live healthy 7 years longer. Order Here Vitamin K2 Mk7  It is Extremely Needed By All

Taking vitamin K2 MK 7 will dramatically reduce doctor visits; saving you a lot of money.

​0,If you are not taking vitamin K2 MK 7 and giving it to your children you are an extreme dumb ass .

Vitamin K2 MK 7 causes calcium to be removed from your arteries, veins, heart valves; bone spurs, skin  and chemically processes it so it goes into your bones where it belongs; dramatically reducing heart attacks, blindness, hearing loss, back pain, leukemia, pneumonia, COPD,

Great teeth and no cleft palate comes from enough K2 vitamin K2 MK7


Every man woman and child should definitely be taking vitamin K2. Give K2 to your pets. A study in 2007 found people taking K2 vitamin lived an average of 7 years longer.

HEART PROBLEMS K2 reduced his artery calcium content by 50% over just six weeks


Sam a 59 year old with heart valves stiff not opening and closing properly. This is in aortic stiffness also precedes kidney disease and is equally grave condition. In 10 months after taking large amounts of vitamin D and K2 his aortic valve was opening 50% more. In a short while test showed his heart valve and heart was operating normal. It’s much better than a heart operation.

Over 10 years ago my doctor said if I didn't get my heart valve replaced I would die within three months. I didn't get the operation and I'm still alive due to K2 MK 7 improving my heart.

FACES THAT LOOK OLD and are wrinkled are low on vitamin K2 and copper and you can reverse this and keep you from getting a brain aneurysms.

Your liver disease pancreas. Any deficiency in the pancreas of K2 causes insulin resistance and diabetes..


ARTHRITIS take K2 to help reverse arthritis and boron.

ALZHEIMER’S K2 can help reverse Alzheime. The brain contains one of the highest concentration of K2 in the body after the pancreas, salivary glands and cartridge that hold the ribs together.

COPD, asthma, bronchitis breathing problems are reduced or cured by eliminating calcium deposits in the tiny veins of the lungs. I went from using a breathing mask with serious sleeping problems to being able to dance a fast polka without puffing. My COPD is totally cured.

LEUKEMIA vitamin A and vitamin K2 dramatically reduces leukemia. A 72-year-old woman diagnosed with acute leukemia research team remission with standard treatment only to relapse eight months later. She started taking vitamin K2 and it resolves completely with the disappearance cancer cells in two months. Bone marrow and analysis confirmed the complete remission.

FERTILITY want to get pregnant and have a baby without bone problems or face deformities take vitamin D, vitamin K2 and iodine.

LOWERS high blood pressure.


Babies born to mothers taking K2 MK7 vitamins never have cleft palate and have beautiful looking teeth

VARICOSE VEINS AND BRAIN ANEURYSMS are caused by a lack of copper, K2 and vitamin D


Dr. Macola’S video tells us vitamin K2 improving a whole host of other medical conditions including:

Gallstones, colon cancer, and Crohn’s disease

Coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis

kidney stones

dental plaque in gum disease

Ovarian cysts


Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular


Obesity and diabetes

Bone spurs stiff joints osteoarthritis, tendinitis and bone cancer

Alzheimer’s disease

Cellulite and scar tissue

Breast cancer and cysts (fibrocystic breast tissue)

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Note:   After just one month on warfarin (Coumadin) arterial calcification increased by 50% increasing heart attacks.

3--- Vitamin K2 clears heart veins and heart valves almost totally eliminating heart attacks and heart operations. My heart rate was 56 and my doctor said I had a leaky heart valve that should be replaced in a few months. I cured the problem with vitamins and minerals and no operations. My Heart rate is now exactly where it should be at 80 beats per minute indicating the valves in my heart have no calcium deposits and are working perfect. I wondered how this happened. From this recent video I determined it happened because I started taking vitamin K 2 MK7.  Vitamin K 2 is called the fountain of youth. A study in 2004 found people taking K2 live about seven years longer.

Instead of having operations for bypasses, heart valve replacement, and stent implants take vitamin K 2 to cure these problems forever.

I had extreme COPD asthma, bronchitis so bad I just couldn’t sleep but did fall asleep often when I was driving. I crossed the centerline on a four-lane Highway and as I woke four cars passed me. I fell asleep and went off the road many times. K2 MK 7 has totally cured my breathing problems and sleeping problems. I have quickly totally cured people on oxygen by having them take vitamin K2 MK7.

Vitamin K2 Is The Most Important Vitamin You Can Take To Eliminate Arteriosclerosis, COPD, Drowsiness, Cancer And Build Strong Bones For Health And Longevity.

Vitamin K2 MK 7 causes calcium to be removed from your arteries and veins, chemically processes it so it goes into your bones where it belongs increasing bone density by 4% in one year. I feel strongly that you should be taking at least three 50,000 units of vitamin D per week only If you take enough vitamin K2 MK 7.  


Every Man, Woman, child and pet should be taking K2-MK7. It is the only vitamin known to stop bone loss and to prevent and reverse atherosclerosis. Causing those taking k2 to live 7 years longer.

I do not take anything based on my guess as to what I should take and how much I should take and then tried it on my myself.

I take what major University studies find is the minimum amount of vitamins and minerals needed to cure a health problem. These major universities also have made studies to determine the toxic level before you would get sick and I stayed away below the toxic level. University studies are often quite high but are based on what they found it takes to cure and illness.

The absolute worst source of information on the amount of vitamins and minerals that are toxic is what the television reports. TV is now owned by the drug companies who make more money if you are sick. On TV I saw you should take no more than 2000 mg of vitamin D or it could be toxic. That absolutely sick, far too low to be a healthy amount. The universities studies show the toxic level for vitamin D is well over 50,000 units per day. They recommended PPI . The EPA recommends to take for no more than 12 days as it stoppes your stomach from digesting proteins vitamins and minerals making you very sick.


Doctors are having people on PPI’s for months to lower stomach acid, stopping digestion, causing a 50% increase in death. As you get older you need  to get enough stomach acid and you probably will need to take vinegar or hydrochloric acid capsules.

Doctors are never taught anything about toxic level of vitamins and minerals or if they are needed.

  • I found: vitamin K 2 is missing from the modern diet

  • It is the most important anti-aging nutrient for fighting wrinkles, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, osteoporosis, COPD, heart valves and more.

  • K2 takes calcium from heart valves making my heart valves work properly without operations.

  • It is needed to get the benefits from calcium and vitamin D supplements; without it, those nutrients will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

  • – – Without enough vitamin K2 calcium cannot get into your bones and instead plugs up your arteries, your veins, and the heart valves producing bone like material called hardening of the arteries. The video Dr. said if you take vitamin K MK 7you will never need a heart bypass, stints or a heart valve replacement

2--- Without vitamin K2, the body takes calcium out of your bones making them weak and you shorter as you age. Your bones become much weaker so that the calcium content in your blood can be maintained. More older women die from hip fractures do to calcium depletion than from any other cause. The doctor explaining vitamin K2 MK 7 said at the hospital where he worked there was almost every day a woman coming in due to broken hip.

 Cure arthritis.  Enough vitamins K2 MK 7, magnesium and vitamin D will rebuild itself back to its original state. That’s amazing. My knee had hurt me for more than 40 years due to a baseball injury and it kept getting extremely more painful. It too is now totally cured. Dr. explained taking enough vitamin K2 , magnesium, along with vitamin D can cause your bone density to go up 4% in one year instead of going down 1%.

 Vitamin K 2 produces the sheath on your brain membranes keeping you from getting Alzheimer’s and has the potential to stop and reverse Alzheimer’s.. It helps regrow your brain. You are 19 times more likely to have Alzheimer’s. If you are low on vitamin D3

 Eye cataracts are calcium deposits caused by a lack of vitamin K 2


  •  It promotes straight, cavity-free teeth. Indigenous people get more vitamin K2 and have no cavities


Here is a video I watched that help me know why I became so much healthier

Dr. John Whitcomb Seminar - Vitamin K2 - Super ... - YouTube This video is worth watching, even though it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Dr John E Whitcomb - Board Certified in Holistic and Integrative Medicine - discusses the power of vitamin K2 ...

Vitamin K and Aging

As we age, calcium deposits tend to accumulate in soft tissues throughout our bodies. With you

Doctors performing autopsies on elderly people used to comment that it appeared that the soft tissues in these once supple bodies had turned to stone. These doctors were referring to the systemic calcification occurring virtually everywhere except the skeleton.

Systemic calcification means that calcium that is supposed to be deposited in the bones is instead being lodged in soft tissues skin where it does not belong. Many age-related diseases can be linked to calcification including kidney stones, arthritis, cataracts, heart valve insufficiency, bone fractures, wrinkled skin, bone spurs, senility and, of course, coronary atherosclerosis. Restoring optimal vitamin K status may help to protect against all of these disorders.


EFFECTS OF HIGHER INGESTION OF VITAMIN K (ROTTERDAM STUDY) where they gave a small amount of vitamin K2 MK7.

1) Reduction in ALL CAUSE MORTALITY – 26%
2) Reduction in CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE – 57%
3) Reduction in AORTIC CALCIFICATION – 52%

Vitamin K and AGING: Turning to Stone

As we age, calcium  accumulates in soft tissues throughout our bodies.

As we age our ONCE SUPPLE bodies seemingly become stiff and the soft tissues “TURN TO STONE”.

Go here for an excellent source studies on vitamin K2 curing things Vitamin K2: Bone and Heart Health | PrepareMD

3 Thyroid-glandular--200-mg   S    (10)             1 Adrenal-glandular-350-mg  S  (3) 
3/week Vitamin D3 50,000 (D3-50) 100  E   (1)    3 AM and 3 PM Niacinamide 500mg S (5)
1---Nattokinase (2, 000 Fu), Vegetable  A   (1)           1 cap Liquid Ionic Calcium, Boron and Magnesium Minerals.    A  (5)   Best for children, pets and adults  A  (babies probably need 2 or more caps full per week
1---Multi-Vitamin & Mineral .      S    (1)       1--Strontium-Bone-Maker-340-mg  V  (3)
1---Zinc (Gluconate 50mg           S      (2)           1---/selenium-200-mcg-003201   P  ((3)
1---Vitamin B 12   1,000 mcg         A   (4)           1---Iron Citrate 24mg .   S  (3)
2 AM and 2 PM Potassium  500 mg    L  (4)      1-Swanson--msm-1000-mg-sulfer  S  (2)
1---CoQ10 30 mg 120 Vcaps     H  (2)             1--- Naturals Progesterone Cream, 2 oz

1-- Super K with Advanced K2 Complex 90 softgels1--Copper 2 mg  - S.   (1
liquidLugols-7%-Iodine-Potassium-Iodide--one drop equals 12.5 units – what the Japanese get daily. I take three drops per day. Babies need 2 or more drops per week to raise the IQ If you have a baby and wanted it to be exceptionally healthy and intelligent without autism or diabetes you should buy and give drops of these to your baby. 


If you are an adult and have trouble swallowing pills take the equivalent of these liquid versions. If you are pregnant you should definitely be taking these vitamins, especially iodine as enough iodine can increase the IQ of the baby 15 percent and enough vitamin D can keep your baby from having autism. Prenatal vitamins are grossly inadequate. Give your baby vitamin K 2 MK-7. This is extremely important.  Take these liquid vitamins in milk or juice water or any other liquid you drink and this way they are almost tasteless.

A child's brain keeps growing from the time they are born until they are 25 and need enough vitamins and minerals. What I recommend is just an educated guess. You need to give them what you think is best for them.
liquid-vitamin-D3-extra-strength-1000-iu-for adults take 6 drops, children at age 5 should get one drop and by the time they are 19 they should be getting six drops per day. Babies should get at least one drop per day to keep them from getting autism, MS,

If you prefer to take pills instead of liquid these are the ones you will need 1 AM-2 PM Magnesium+Oxide+500+Mg     1---Soft Gells Calcium 1200 mg     1- Iodoral-50mg for 90 days then  Iodoral 12.5 mg   I don’t sell anything. I am writing a book.