Latest And Greatest Home Energy-saving Appliances

You can only spend your money once. If you purchase something that will pay for itself in less than three years consider buying it as soon as possible.

Reflective paint roof coating can reduce energy cost by as

much as  much as 30%.


This Paint Contains very tiny hollow glass bubbles that form an insulating heat barrier and it reflects sunlight.. It actually can make a shingled roof last forever. It may require recoating every 10 to 20 years.I purchased mine at Ace Hardware In 5 gallon pails It eliminates mold on roof.

The tiny hollow glass bubbles were produced by volcanoes in the Western United States. This could save more energy than all solar panels and eliminate pollution from shingles having to be removed as they age.

It would save many thousands of dollars in maintaining a roof.

Our government could have:
Our electric power companies mentioned this on every bill as a way of saving energy and reducing pollution..

Our government could provide the paint and have it distributed by the power companies.Much like they do in Michigan giving out LED light bulbs and water saving faucets and shower heads.

In Montana, years ago the power company provided and installed gas furnaces in homes as they needed more electricity for aluminum production in place of building more power plants

Nuwave Precision 14.5 Inch Induction Cooktop Uses up to 70% less energy with

Hard Anodized 9 Inch Fry pan.. $69. You will need these induction ceramic pans NuWave Cookware

Set, Silver, 7 Piece $68.  Walmart ia similar one, for the same price, that comes with intention pan and 

a frying pan into a better deal

Has the flexibility to cook at 52 different temperatures between 100°F and 575°F At the Higher temperature it automatically shuts off to keep from having fire. This would dramatically reduce house fires by older people 

  • . I and my children all cook nearly hundred percent of our meals on this induction

  • cook top.

Instapot 6 quart pressure cooker.Because of their extremely fast

cooking speed, using a modern technology pressure cooker compared with your

existing kitchen stove can cut your stove's energy use by 70%..

Programmable MultiFunction Pressure Cooker Steamer Slow Cooker Cooking Pot -

Stainless... I cook a huge number of meals in this pressure cooker that costs $90 It

makes no noise. Set the time and walk off and it times out and cut down to 146 F the

perfict temp when it is time to eat.


I put carrots, parsnips and fish on the steam rack inside the pressure cooker and added 1 cup of water. I set at the time to four minutes. In about six minutes everything was cook perfect. Walmart

The induction cook top and the pressure cooker would save a lot of energy at suppertime when the power companies have the greatest demand for energy. This would reduce the need for more power plants.


The PureWash Professional-Grade Ionic Laundry Purifier Saves energy and reduces pollution by washing  with no soap

in cold water.

It cleans clothing much cleaner without soap and softer. It saves lots of money year after

year. Cleans soap scum from drains. Leaves clothing cleaner than with soap and softer

and it is less polluting. Operating costs are less than three dollars per year for an

average size family.The system is what they use on huge cruise ships, hospitals and hotels so they can use no soap.check eBay for lowest cost. This system is used by cruise ships, hospitals, hotels and others.Think of all the barrels of soap they would have to use on a cruise ship containing up to 6000 people if they didn't use this system

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative .Save energy

costing six dollars a year to operate where as water softeners uses  a lot more energy

and a lot of costly salt

and uses  a lot of water that is disposed of with salt polluting the.environment...

  • Cost $200, I did away with my water softener and this works much better.

  • It leaves water tasting better. Eliminates calcium, sulfur smell and iron deposits from showers

  • and drains and mine were badly plugged causing problems. It cleans water heater coils reducing

  • electric cost and all your faucets do not plugged up with calcium deposit. Eliminates need for

  • water softeners and suffers think tank.

Electric Thankless Hot Water Heater 6.0 GPM Marey On Demand 4 Bath Whole House for MICHIGAN $372.99. It reduces the electric bill by $70 per year

Buying Guide Marey's Eco 12.6 KW Elec... $169.99 for FLORIDA

The cost and the electrical savings is based on the ground water temperature. The ground water temperature in Michigan is 53°. The ground water temperature in Florida is 72°

If these my  ideas are implemented saving an enormous amount of energy, dramatically reducing pollution and saving middle-class America and poor people a huge amount of money I do expect to be compensated.

These are other new things I have purchased to improve my life.

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner, Kd450W, 

Absolutely amazing how it cleans my carpets. It costs $70 at Walmart’s uses only a quart of fluid

for a 10 x 10 area. It kept me from having to replace my carpets as they now look like new.

Philups shaver 1100 cuts 25% closer even nose hairs. It is fantastic. $32 2

Glass Food Storage Container Set - Round - 620 ml - Red - BPA Free - FDA Approved - Reusable - Multipurpose Use for Home Kitchen or Restaurant - (3 Piece) - by Utopia Kitchen

I have 15 of these that I store food in the freezer and fridge that I heat in the microwave. Have done away

with my plastic containers.  $9.99

Levpet 13-Gallon Touch-Free Trash Can, Stainless-Steel $50 free shipping Amazon


  • Seals odor in and eliminates cross-contamination of germs with touch-free operation. With the equipped infrared technology, this kitchen trash can helps keep cooking and dining areas clean and smelling fresh.


Amazon.Com: BISSELL Sturdy Sweep Sweeper, 2402: Home & Kitchen $28 It’s totally mechanical and unbelievably wonderful

  • Multi-brush cordless sweeper for bare floors, rugs, and carpets

  • Picks up lint, crumbs, and dirt on forward and reverse motion

  • Central brush roll plus 4 edge-cleaning brushes

  • Durable steel construction with rubber bumper and nonslip grip and it is totally mechanical using no electric energy.

  • 10-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 43-1/4 inches; 3 pound