In this video Muscular Dystrophy- Dr. Wallach -                               63

The Truth About Your Health he tells us muscular dystrophy is strictly caused by a lack of selenium.


He told Jerry Lewis who became excited resulting in the drug companies canceled the Jerry Lewis TV program. There is no profit in curing health problems. Dr. Wallach did cure many children and adult with muscular dystrophy.

Dr. Wallick wrote about a boy with extreme muscular dystrophy. He could only lay on the floor rolling around and Dr. Wallick put him on selenium. Two months later what doctor return to the area and found the boy was out playing ball and running and having a good time. 

Our government should require food manufacturers to add selenium to our food so this probably be eliminated. 

Muscular dystrophy is quite common in animals. In Ohio, they tried to.raise turkeys and half of them died from muscular dystrophy called white heart disease. In pigs, it is called the mulberry heart and it's red. These are both caused by a lack of selenium. All animals are fed pellets containing vitamin minerals including selenium.

Doctors told my wife that she had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by doctors. After carefully reading articles I have concluded she really had limb multiple sclerosis and she died FROM sugar diabetes. Both of these diseases I now know how to cure​.

Here is what I thing you can do to stop and reverse multiple sclerosis.

1--you must take selenium and INCREASE the acid in your stomach so that the food containing bacteria that you eat and from your teeth containing bacteria gets killed and you digest your food so you get the protein vitamins and minerals into your blood so you can be healthy.

To Increase stomach acid I take Apple juice, Orange juice or other juices in a coffee cup and add one or two tablespoons of vinegar with mother. It tastes quite good, with each meal. My Pee has become almost as clear as water.

Over 100,000 children suddenly die each year from a lack of selenium. People shoveling snow and doing other activities also die from a lack of selenium.

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