Totally, Quickly Cure Parkinson's Disease.  13

    I have had the shakes all my life and they just kept getting worse until I was stooped over, barely

able to walk with a cane. I could not read my own writing, so taking notes was useless. A neighbor

yelled at me “stop  walking and get on your golf cart before you fall on your ass.”

I started taking some vitamins and minerals and got somewhat better and I went on a cruise to the

Panama Canal during the winter of 2014 and my lady friend had to carry the coffee to the table because I Was shaking so bad that I spilled it. I was slouching horridly stiff and had all the sign of Parkinson’s listed above.

I really never thought of myself as having Parkinson's disease but now I am sure I had it. I am cured. I now can read my writing, my shakes are all but gone, I am no longer stooped over, I dance wildly 3 to 5 times per week, I have no pain, I sleep soundly, I do fancy artwork.

Here is a video on how taking CBD oil stops tremors. It is now used by Michael fox and allowing him to be in movies CBD Oil and Parkinson's

I am totally convinced that Parkinson's disease is strictly a nutrition problem, actually PELLAGRA. Parkinson's disease is caused by a lack of vitamin B3 niacinamide and so is Lupus. A physical therapist said I had the worst range of motion he seen in 21 years as a physical therapist. I now have no pain and I gained 100% range of motion. To cure Parkinson’s disease you will need to take at least six 500 mg Niacinamide per day. I take 6 capsules per day. It is also a cure for arthritis, lupus, and gout. Parkinson’s disease is another name for pellagra; it killed over 100,000 people around 1900. When our government started and still requires food manufacturers to add niacinamide to wheat products it caused half the people in insane asylums to be cured and released.

Vitamin K2 MK7 cleans out the veins and arteries of calcium and magnesium and carboxylates it and puts it in the bones causing bone density to increase by 4% in one year. It is one of the most important vitamins to take to cure Parkinson’s disease. Vitamin K2 MK7 cleans out all the many tiny veins in your heart, lungs, brain, liver, eliminating arteriosclerosis. In 2007 they determine people taking this vitamin were living 7 years longer, Increases bone density by 4% in one year and decreases hip fractures I 59% in one year. 

Studies have shown a very clear link between Boron and the incidence of arthritis and Parkinson's disease

Country Boron Consumption Arthritis Incidence  

Jamaica consume Less than 1mg per day of boron.  70% of the population has arthritis this includes cats, dogs, horses, squirrels and other animals with serious arthritis.

USA, UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa consume1 to 2mgs boron 20% of the population has arthritis 

Israel consume 10mgs of boron.  0.7% of the population has arthritis

Low acid causes some young nearly all old people not to digest their food and get vitamins and minerals into their blood so they are starving to death regardless of what they eat. . Learn more stomach acid extremely needed here!

Low stomach acid causes Acid reflux, Ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, heartburn, leg cramps, broken bones, Alzheimer’s  stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, asthma, fatigue, , back pain.  macular Degeneration, bacterial pneumonia  and rheumatoid arthritis. weakness and rapid ageing.


You must have enough stomach acid to digest your food to get vitamins and minerals into your blood. Or your body takes calcium and other things from your bones and cartilage causing you to have knee, hip and shoulder replacement operations,

I am now taking fruit juice and putting it in a coffee cup and adding one or more tablespoons of vinegar. This has resulted and me peeing that is almost as clear as water. I'm feeling better and my skin is looking better.

VIDEO: IV Vitamin C = Liquid Gold 

“A new study by Dr. Levine and colleagues was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in March 2006. In this study, the investigators carefully reviewed the clinical cases of three patients who responded especially favorably to high-dose intravenous vitamin C in an attempt to assess the clinical plausibility of this modality in cancer therapy. To accomplish this, the investigators followed the National Cancer Institute Best Case Series guidelines in their analysis. One case involved renal cancer with lung metastases that regressed following the intravenous administration of 65 grams of vitamin C twice per week for ten months. The second patient had invasive bladder cancer. He received 30 grams of vitamin C intravenously twice per week for three months, followed by somewhat irregular infusions for about four years. The third patient had B-cell lymphoma and received 15 grams of intravenous vitamin C twice per week for two months, followed by similar doses given less frequently.

All three cancer patients experienced complete remissions.
Additionally, Dr. Drisko and colleagues at the University of Kansas reported in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2003 two cases of women with late-stage ovarian cancer who experienced complete remissions after receiving 60 grams of intravenous vitamin C twice per week.” 

 I have a lot more information not listed in the first two pages. Call me Paul O’Brien 810-736-8873 my goal is to get our government to require food manufactures to put enough vitamins and minerals to cure most health problems considered incurable.

We should be doing what Finland did. One area of Finland was much healthier than the other area of Finland. They determined it was due to a lack of iodine. They required food manufacturers to add more iodine until the government determined if people were getting the needed amount.


Oregon State University found enough vitamin C:
Cures Lymphoma 
Cures Lung Cancer 
Cures Ovarian Cancer 
Cures Breast Cancer 
Cures Leukemia 
Cures Hepatitis C 
Cures Aids 
Cures Polio 
Cures Bird Flu 
Cures Flus 
Cures Pneumonia 
Cures Hay fever 
Cures Allergies 
Cures Vaccinia 
Cures Foot & Mouth Disease 
Cures Rabies 
Cures Bacterial Infections 
Cures Mononucleosis 

Additional Vitamin C Benefits:
Reduces Alzheimer's disease 
Reduces Parkinson's disease 
Reduces Huntingdon's disease. 
Reduces Arthritis 
Reduces & eliminates symptoms of Hepatitis 
Reduces cravings for addictions 
Protects and boosts the immune system 
Natural Antihistamine 
Reduces Asthma 
Stimulated Cellular function 
Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases 
Reduces High Blood Pressure/Hypertension 
Reduces risk of stroke 
Lowers level of Lead Toxicity in the blood 
Produces Collagen 
Creates Carnitine which helps burn the fuel for the body’s energy 
Protects the brain and nervous system from the effects of stress 
Lowers Cholesterol 
Works as an anti-oxidant 
Fights free radicals that attack tissues and cause illness 
Aids in regenerating Vitamin E in the body 
Prevents the damages caused by aging 
Reduces Cataracts 
Reduces Gout 
Reduces symptoms and risks of common cold 
Enhances antibiotics 
Lowers Yeast infections 
Reduces Back Pain from Disc Disease 
Reduces Herpes 
Reduces Shingles 
Reduces Crib Death (wow) 
Prevents Kidney Stones 


The French eat four times more butter and have one third as many heart attacks.

To cure diabetes Eat a lot of saturated fat and no vegetable oils.

, People in Holland have one of the longest life expectancies, are thin and get 48% of their energy from fat... People living in Crete have the lowest heart attack rates and get 40% of their energy from fat. The amount of fat in the average American diet has gone down over 25% in the last 20 years and the heart attack rate has almost doubled. Sugar diabetes has dramatically increased. Examining the data if your fat intake is below 32% the risk of a stroke dramatically increases.

 Dr. Macola’s studies show insulin does not make you live any longer. Diabetes is strictly a nutrition problem.

 The French are thin and get 48 percent of their energy from fat they eat an awful lot of sausage. The people in Crete on will e of the five zones in the world meaning they live the longest get over 40% of their energy from fat. Eating fat like baloney makes you healthier and live longer and be thinner. A low-fat diet make you unhealthy and fat. How Much Fat Should We Eat? It's much healthier to eat a lot more fat.


Salt-how much should you eat, MORE NOT LESS.    Eat more Salt. High Blood Pressure: Mineral Magic, Salt is good & Can Bring your blood pressure Down and help curing diabetes if you get the right other minerals.   Deadly-low-salt-diet make you 5 times more likely to die and many times more likely to have broken bones/ A study at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Cornell University Medical College, both in New York City, showed that men with high blood pressure who ate the least salt (about 5,000 milligrams, or 2½ teaspoons) each day were four times more likely to have a heart attack-A recent study by the FDA found you were six times more likely to die if you run low salt diet.


The salt you eat should be Himalayan or real salt which are unrefined pink in color and has up to 50 micro nutrients needed by the body. Table salt is refined eliminating needed nutrients and has harmful ingredients added.  Adrenaline fatigue causes you to feel you should just set and do nothing. After about two months on this salt reduces adrenaline fatigue.

Click here to find What and where to Purchase and how much to take to cure almost all health problems.

1  Vitamin K2  Mk7     A  (2)  Removes calcium from veins puts it in bones eliminating arteriolosclerosis, plugged veins, hardening of arteries cures COPD, eliminates heart attacks, heart valve leakage, cures insulin resistance. Possibly the most important vitamin you can take Amazon. Increases bone density 4% in one year.

3 Thyroid-glandular--200-mg   by Swanson  makes you 90% less likely to have a heart attack  (10)             

1 Adrenal-glandular-350-mg  Swanson (3) 
needed as you get older.\
D3 50,000 (D3-50)  Take2 or 3/week Vitamin Amazon (1) cures pneumonia and most cancersand stops children from getting autism.    

3 AM and 3 PM Niacinamide 500mg Swanson cures pain, ADHD, schizophrenia, provide 100% range of motion  (5)

1---Nattokinase (2, 000 Fu), Amazon eliminates blood clots and DVT  (1  (

3--- Magnesium Caps 400 mg Swanson stops constipation, 35% more likely to die if low and 85% are low reduces arteriosclerosis and bone loss (2) 

1---Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Swanson is the best found with lots of what is needed

1-- copper stops bleeding aneurysm strokes, reduces arthritis, improves your complexion

1--Strontium-Bone-Maker-340-mg Vitacost interchangeable with calcium is much stronger stops bone breakage  (3)

1---Zinc (Gluconate 50mg  Swanson reduces diarrhea and leaky gut syndrome     (2)        

1---/selenium-200-mcg-  cures MS, needed by thyroid, heart reduces cancer by 50% and deaths by 28%.

1---Vitamin B 12   1,000 mcg Amazon a must need for brain and back  (4)           

1---Iron Citrate 24mg . Swanson increases red and white blood cells carry oxygen  (3)

2 AM- 2 PM Potassium  500 mg life extension 35% less heart attacks, lowers blood pressure  (4)     

1---msm-1000-mg-sulfer Swanson Support healthy cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin (2)

1---CoQ10 30 mg 120 Vitacost company needed by heart muscle and lowers blood pressure  (2)     

1-- Natural progesterone cream, 4 ounce      Amazon estrogen stays too high causing many health problems including peeing problems (2) 

2--  Calcium 1200 (120 Softgels) Swanson needed but will plugged veins if you don’t take K2 MK7 (4)
1-- PQQ regenerates mitochondria that has weakened as we get older and grows more mitochondria making the heart work better and increasing your strength.
 Liquid -Lugols-7%-Iodine-- P Adults take 5 drops in what you drink (1) One drop  equals 12.5 units Babies need 1 or 2 drops per week of iodine that will raise the IQ. Older children need 1 drop per day. It dramatically increases IQ up to 40 points higher. I take 5 drops daily.

If you have a baby and wanted it to be exceptionally healthy and intelligent without autism or diabetes you should buy and give drops of these to your baby.  If you are an adult and have trouble swallowing pills take the equivalent of these liquid versions. If you are pregnant you should definitely be taking these vitamins, especially iodine as enough iodine can increase the IQ of the baby by 20 to 40 % and add enough vitamin D can keep your baby from having autism. Prenatal vitamins are grossly inadequate.  
.  Pill boxes are needed and available at Dollar tree for $1. 
Put these liquid vitamins in milk or juice water or any other liquid you drink and this way they are almost tasteless.
liquid-vitamin-D3-extra-strength-1000-iu-for adults take 6 drops, children at age 5 should get one drop and by the time they are 19 they should be getting six drops per day.
Liquid -Lugols-7%-Iodine--one drop equals 12.5 units – what the Japanese get daily. I take 5 drops per day.
Life-Flo-Liquid-Iodine-Plus-Potassium-Iodide-2-oz-2% & for babies start with one drop per day and increase it as they get older by age 6 they should get one drop daily of the 7% solution daily. 
-Liquid-Calcium-Magnesium-Citrate-Strawberry          Nature-s-Answer-Kids-Vitamin-D-3-   

I have recently been purchasing Lugols Solution 20% USP Premium Iodine Natural Mineral Supplement 2-Ounce 2-Pack for Immune System Health, Improved Metabolism, Water Purification and Fish Tank Disinfectant and I taking four drops per day.

Vitamin K2 and Ageing EFFECTS OF HIGHER INGESTION OF VITAMIN K (ROTTERDAM STUDY) where they gave a small amount of vitamin K2 MK7.

1) Reduction in ALL CAUSE MORTALITY – 26%
2) Reduction in CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE – 57%
3) Reduction in AORTIC CALCIFICATION – 52%

Vitamin K2 and aging turning to Stone As we age, calcium accumulates in soft tissues throughout our bodies even our skin. It totally cured my leaky heart valve, breathing problem COPD, my knee and shoulder pain, my liver problem, my Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer and more without any operations or drugs.

As of 2016 I am 82 years old, have no known health problems, take no prescription drugs, don’t go to doctors, have no pain, I dance wildly 3 to 5 times a week and normally dance more than anyone else at the dance. I have been on over 20 cruises and will be on another one for seven days November 5. I dance every night while on cruises.

Do take what I’m taking and become extremely healthy and keeping you from health problems and saving a lot of money as you get older.

Centrum Silver and One-A-Day vitamin companies and many other such companies have been purchased by the major drug companies that are in it to make money and they make more money if you stay sick. The amount in these vitamins has been reduced dramatically making them almost useless and leaving you sick.

The life extension company vitamin mineral combination as many times the minimum daily requirement and is much better for you. There K2 MK7 has far the most of this needed vitamin to cure many problems.

Give some of these to your animal pets especially K2 MK7, vitamin D, magnesium, niacinamide.