HEARING LOSS -Prevent and Even Reverse Age-Related with Good Nutrition

Even more importantly replacing the missing vitamins improved the hearing loss in vast numbers of people, making hearing loss simply another one of many age-related problems preventable and curable with good nutrition.

Beverly has hearing loss and was constantly adjusting her noisy, annoying hearing aids. She started taking 6 hydrochloric acid capsules so she can absorb protein, vitamins and minerals, 4 Doctor’s  Best high absorption magnesium, 3 per week 50,000 units vitamin D3, 1 vitamin K2 Mk7 and other vitamins I am taking.

As we age the amount of acid in her stomach goes down dramatically from about 180 when you’re young to about 20 when you are 80. This causes acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome, esophagus cancer, ulcers, stomach cancer, Hearing loss and a host of other health problems. People with low stomach acid are not digesting protein or vitamins and minerals. They are actually starving regardless of what they eat. Even children can have low stomach acid.

Low stomach acid causes Acid reflux, Ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, heartburn, leg cramps, broken bones, Alzheimer’s stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, asthma, fatigue, , back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. weakness and rapid aging.   Click Here To Learn More.

All health problems considered incurable by doctors are curable by giving the body what it needs to cure itself. Doctors are the number one cause of death. What doctors give to cure acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome reduces stomach acid stopping the symptoms but causing your health to rapidly worsen.

A lady friend is now hearing much better with her hearing aid is turned down making no noise. I am hoping she will be totally cured eliminating the need for a hearing aid.   


Current thinking has us believe that age-related hearing loss is an inevitable consequence of getting older, but is it really? Hundreds of studies from around the world show hearing loss can be reversed by taking the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals When most of us think of getting older, we think of canes to walk, glasses to see and hearing aids to hear. But is this an inevitable consequence of aging, or is it due to modifiable and preventable environmental factors? We are told that the only modifiable way to prevent hearing loss is to keep away from loud noises, but hearing loss seems to have less to do with loud sounds than it does with nutrition.

Nutrient deficiencies are often overlooked as causes or contributing factors in many diseases, and they are also overlooked factors in hearing loss. Studies done all over the world by completely different teams of researchers using completely different nutritional supplements and using completely different methods of studying the problem have all come to the same conclusion- hearing loss can be prevented and even improved with nutritional supplementation.

Vitamin D

Some of the most interesting studies come from Vitamin D Research. Vitamin D is well known to be responsible for the calcium absorption required for strong bones. The most well-known problem associated with lack of vitamin D is rickets, a softening of the bones in children leading to bowed legs. But less well-known is a similar condition in adults called osteopenia where the bones can become porous and demineralized. When vitamin D deficiency causes osteopenia in the tiny bones of the ears, this can lead to hearing loss and even deafness. Strikingly, correcting the vitamin D deficiency often corrects the hearing loss and even the deafness in these specific cases.


A nutrient with a wider application in hearing loss is magnesium. We are fortunate that hearing loss is an issue in governmental applications such as the Air Force because this has given us a rich source of studies done in order to find Practical Ways to Prevent the hearing loss associated with continual noise.

"Magnesium treatment has been repeatedly shown to reduce the incidence of both temporary and permanent noise-induced hearing loss And magnesium has been shown to do this well. Many studies have been done where people subjected to noise were protected from noise-related hearing loss when they were pre treated with magnesium. Magnesium given AFTER noise exposure worked to CORRECT that hearing loss as well. Industrialized countries have an "epidemic of magnesium deficiency", according to Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of 'The Magnesium Miracle'. Since magnesium is inexpensive and readily available, this one nutrient could have wide uses in high noise settings and even in nursing homes where the vast majority of residents suffer from hearing loss as well as magnesium deficiency.
Free Radical Scavengers

Denoted as `Free Radical Scavengers`, Vitamin C, Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E and glutathione have all been used to prevent and treat hearing loss. A poor hearing was significantly improved in as short a time as 8 weeks. Interestingly enough, several of these studies were done using patients that had exhausted all other treatments for their condition without improvement, yet there were significant improvements in hearing using free radical scavenger therapy.
Other Nutrients

Vitamin B-12, folic acid, and zinc have all been shown to improve hearing in different studies, with zinc being singled out by Dr. George E. Shambaugh Jr., Founder of the Shambaugh Hearing and Allergy Center in Hinsdale, Illinois: "We believe zinc deficiency is one causation of presbycusis [hearing loss]; by recognizing and correcting it, a progressive hearing loss can be arrested". One study even showed that Homocysteine Levels in the blood, a good indicator of B vitamin status, is inversely correlated with hearing loss. This means that the higher the Homocysteine levels, indicating worsening B vitamin deficiency, the worse the hearing loss.

Most of these supplements are inexpensive and readily available. More importantly, the majority of these substances are safe to take for the vast majority of people who suffer from hearing loss. Who knew that better hearing was as close as the nearest multivitamin!

I bought my 98-year-old father-in-law to an audiologist yesterday (Oct 19, 2010) to try out some new hearing aids, and I realized that his hearing had improved recently. He has been taking 10,000 IU of vitamin D and co-factors by Jarrow of Calcium, Magnesium, vitamin K2, etc for the past 9 months. 
Wondered if there was a correlation.


In a normal ear, sound vibrations are funneled by the outer ear into the ear canal where they hit the tympanic membrane (eardrum). These vibrations cause movement of the eardrum, which transfers the vibrations to the three small bones of the middle ear, the malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), and stapes (stirrup).

Low stomach acid causes Acid reflux, Ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, heartburn, leg cramps, broken bones, Alzheimer’s stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, asthma, fatigue, , back pain.  macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis. weakness and rapid aging.  If your stomach isn't calm you have slow stomach acid.

You must have enough stomach acid to digest your food to get vitamins and minerals into your blood. Or your body takes calcium and other things from your bones and cartilage causing you to have operations,

To increase stomach acid take 1 or more TBS apple cider vinegar with mother, ¼ tsp. Stevia a sweetener that kills Lyme and other diseases along with a quarter teaspoon of pure powder vitamin C in a half glass of water or cider with each meal to increase the acid content in your stomach so your stomach starts digesting your food getting minerals and vitamins into your blood. The taste is quite good. Vitamin C Powder -- 5000 mg - 8 oz $6.70 at Amazon   Stevia Sweetener, 16 oz $6.98 at amazon

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