WHAT  Should You Teach Kids And Adults

American students are 10 times more likely to go to prison, 11 times more likely to get pregnant, five times more likely to get HIV, 74 times more likely to get gonorrhea, eight times more likely to get an abortion, they have twice as many sex partners and are more than nine times more likely to get murdered than in Europe.

Learn here what they teach in Europe that makes the students so much better and Keep children From Committing Suicide, Taking Dope And Drugs, Being Violent, Getting Pregnant, Keep Them From Going To Prison And Have Them Graduating From School, And Having A Long-Lasting Happy Marriage, And A Wonderful Life?


 I talked to two troubled children, a boy 14 and a girl 16 getting poor marks. By the end of the school year his report card showed five A’s and two B, hers was 2 A’s and 4 B’s. Sounds too good to be true but is.


What did I teach and what do they teach in Europe?


It is the same as what I learned when GM sent us engineers to school to know how to get to the root cause of problems, so these problems could be eliminated for ever; so we could compete with Japan.


A college professor challenged us to state in 20 words or less what is moral and immoral. Three days we had ideas covering all blackboards in a school. Our college professor helped us add and remove items on the black boards to come to a final conclusion.


Conclusion (If It Increases Human Happiness Is Moral. If It Decreases Human Happiness Immoral.) All Children And Adults Should Be Taught This Fact.


The 10 Commandments, or doing onto others just doesn’t meet all the criteria for what is moral and what is immoral by not mentioning increasing happiness.


How can we increase happiness and pleasure? Based what we found, we also discussed is masturbation moral or immoral? It releases dopamine from your brain causing you to feel happy and good for hours. It hurts no one. It gives a fantastic high. It costs nothing. You can do it one or more times per day. It feels soothing: When we masturbate, the body releases dopamine, more commonly known as the “feel-good” hormone. Solo sex helps boost our sense of well-being. This is what they teach in Europe and Secretary of Education proposed that we teach it here in America. President Carter fired her.


Do accept the fact that masturbation is moral and start feeling your body can give you pleasure and make you feel good about yourself. Masturbation provides the body with a maximum pleasurable high. Alcohol, marijuana, dope and drugs provide only minor highs and often provides seriously harm to you.


I smoked one cigarette and drank one bottle of beer. Neither gave me anywhere near the high I got and get from masturbation so; I don’t smoke or drink saving me a lot of money and eliminating many health and mental problems.


What I teach in the same as they teach about masturbation in France, Holland, Germany and Norway were children grow up can expect to be better than Americans. We should do what they are doing in Europe to cure violence and emotional problems.


Dr. Saul offers a powerful example of how niacinamide helps address violent behavioral problems and/or attention deficit disorders:

"I knew a neighbor who had a boy who was really, really in trouble – constantly in trouble at school, constantly in trouble at home. He was violent. This was really serious. This was more than ADHD. I'm calling it ADHD, because that's what the boy's doctors called it. But the fact is it was far beyond that. Nevertheless, they gave him one of the usual drugs for attention deficit disorder, and it made him worse.

So now he was even more violent and even more psychotic. The parents were in a state as you can imagine; the kid's only 13, everything's falling apart at home. They learned about Dr. Hoffer's niacinamide approach. And because it was a child, they figured, 'Well, we'll start him at a lower level.' They gave him 1,500 milligrams a day of niacinamide....

... The parents noticed an immediate improvement. Within days, the child was less angry. He was less troubled at school. He was less oppositional. He was less violent. They immediately figured that if a little helped, maybe more would help more. They wouldn't know unless they tried, and they had no other options. Again, medication was making him worse not better.

They took him totally off of his psych medication, and they increased his niacinamide to ultimately about 5,000 milligrams a day. They even got the boy's psychiatrist to prescribe niacin, so he could take it at school. The school nurse was giving the boy niacinamide twice a day at school, as well as at home. All of a sudden, calls were coming from the teachers, saying, 'The kid was just transformed. He was doing great.' At home, everything was better.

You can purchase Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Pure Powder Energy and add it to the food you eat at home or purchase capsules of niacinamide to make your children kinder nicer and smarter.

Enough niacinamide cures schizophrenia, ADHD, depression and a host of other problems. Dr. Huffer had a 90% cure rate for schizophrenia by giving patients niacinamide. It makes you happy, caring dramatically improves your personality.


I found this on the Internet Masturbation is an important and wonderful way of knowing yourself physically and emotionally.


Research shows that women who masturbate are more likely to have fulfilling sex lives, better health, better partnerships and marriages, and increased self-confidence. Even with all that going for it, masturbation is still difficult for many women to talk about, much less do.


Since you’re in control of your body when you masturbate, you can learn a lot about who you are. You can cultivate positive feelings about your miraculous body, which gives you confidence from the inside out. Masturbation also has the potential to heal the memory of past negative sexual experiences and replace them with positive ones. Do masturbate often.

With ultrasound they have observed babies in the womb masturbating.

Check these websites out

Health Benefits of Masturbation - Women's Health Network

13 Reasons Masturbation is Awesome. | elephant journal

Feeling Yourself: 9 Mind Blowing Masturbation Benefit

Masturbation. Why do we wince at the word? More often discussed in relation to men (seriously, just google it), always shrouded by nicknames of varying sophistication (see below) and only partially understood; the act of solo-lovin’ deserves more than being shunned as a taboo or guilty pleasure. No matter what your age, whether you’re bored, stressed or just turned on, masturbating is a fun, safe and wholly positive way of attaining some pretty amazing health benefits. Check it out…

1. Sexploration

In the privacy of your own home, the setting, duration, props and moves are entirely at your discretion, making this a perfect time to see what turns you on. Employing some of those hushed fantasies and experimenting with new ideas can stir up some exciting discoveries about your sexuality. Taking the time to touch and see what buttons you really like pressed means improved confidence in your pleasure, with or without your partner.

2. Way better than a stress ball

Tuning out daily worries and focusing on thoughts that simply make you feel hot is going to reduce stress. With the release of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin during orgasm and the increased blood flow that happens during masturbation, this means not only a reduction in blood pressure but also a diffusion of those feel-good chemicals around the body. Stress-management never felt so good.

3. Abating Auntie Flo…

If it’s Red Week, engaging in some *me* time can help alleviate cramps and might actually shorten your period. When we orgasm, muscle spasms and contractions can expel uterine tissue and blood faster than normal, relieving cramps, bloating and ultimately helping our period to pass more quickly. The hormones released in orgasm (oxytocin and dopamine) also help to assuage cramps, feelings of sadness and depression and other factors associated with PMS. Sold!

4. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZZzzz

The release of dopamine during masturbation creates a powerful sense of well-being in one’s body and if done before bed can help you drift off to the land of nod for a sound night’s sleep. As you may well know, orgasms send tingly sensations around the body so you’re going to enjoy wrapping yourself around those blankets more than usual.

5. Use it or lose it sister…

…Kind of. Masturbation keeps our sex organs healthy, as stimulation increases blood flow around the area, improving sensitivity, tone and general health of their tissues. This is particularly important for women around or in menopause, since lower levels of estrogen and reduced blood flow to these areas can cause narrowing or shortening of the vagina which means sex and gynecological exams can be uncomfortable. Stimulation is key to keeping any part of the body healthy and happy, so there you have it, the perfect excuse!

6. Safe (solo) sex

Sex can be a bit of a minefield, from unwanted pregnancies, STDs and body image hang-ups there are many dangers, precautions and anxieties we preoccupy ourselves with. Flying solo is totally safe and means you can get as freaky as you possibly want and even throw some toys into the mix for enhanced feels.

7. Hold on a second…

Touching yourself means you are quite literally, more in touch with what is going on in your body. Exploring your intimate area means you’re more likely to detect any problems and be more in tune with what feels normal and what doesn’t. In fact, a recent study found that women who use vibrators are more likely to be proactive about caring for their sexual health. So if you spot anything unusual you can take the necessary precautions and get checked out quickly.

8. Protect against infections

When we orgasm, the cervix opens slightly in a process called ‘tenting’, this can expel bad bacteria associated with infections from the uterus along with other fluids, in the process actually lubricating the vagina. Yes Ladies, Masturbation Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

9. Up your body image

Engaging in some “ménage à moi” means doing what feels good for you and no one else – which can be pretty empowering. Getting pleasure out of your body and witnessing all the ways it can make you feel amazing is a sure fire way to make you love the skin you’re in. Transfer that to a ménage à +1 scenario and you’re going to feel way more comfortable with your body, which is always super sexy.  So whether it’s for your self-esteem, sense of well-being or genuine bodily health, lie back girls… and get flickin’! Ahem…

It is almost a sure thing if a mother is taking one 50,000 units vitamin D per week, one K2 MK7 vitamin, to magnesium 500 mg each, one selenium tablet the mother will not have a baby with autism, cancer, type I diabetes, cleft palate and a host of other problems and a higher IQ.

Will you tell children what you have learned so they can become moral happy children?

I highly recommend at Google you type FREE SEX VIDEOS showing life couples totally enjoying sex and you can learn a lot from them.

Let’s Make This A Much Better, More Moral World By Sending This By Email Or Letter To All Of Our Friends and Relation.

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