Turmeric forte kills Cancers, Alzheimer's Breakthrough—even Cancer Stem Cells  Dr. Bruce West


Paul OBrien it cured my extreme bone and prostate cancer.


Newsweek said on its cover a decade ago—"Plants Hold the Secrets to Beating Cancer."

The major cause of Alzheimer's is from statins, blood pressure medicine acid lowering drugs call PPI by illuminating these we have a cure and no one should die from these. 

“When it comes to phytochemicals and phytonutrients, turmeric forte may be the most premiere cancer fighter of all. Whether it is the curcumin in turmeric forte or whether it is another phytochemical, or whether it is the combination of phytochemicals as only nature can design, turmeric forte is a powerful anticancer agent.”

To care cancer you will need to take at least six tablets in the morning and six at night. 

Health Alert, Vol. 35, No. 12

Finally! We have some good news regarding cancer and its treatment. And it is all about cancer stem cells. The bad news about cancer stem cells:

•They are the most virulent of all cancer cells.

•They are capable of self-renewing and can also produce all the other cancer cells within cancerous tumors.

•They are powerful, resisting every kind of cancer therapy, including chemotherapy and radiation. In fact,

•Because of their highly resistant nature, they lead the way to  (cancer spread) and.

•And even worse, they may become even more invasive following surgery, contributing to the dismal responses all‐too‐common with traditional cancer therapies.


With this kind of “cancer stem cells bad news,” what is the good news? Once again it is phytochemicals to the rescue.


The exciting, amazing, even astounding news and data is that it has been proven that turmeric forte can kill the most virulent cells involved in any cancer—cancer stem cells!


Research just now making the news shows that turmeric forte is such a powerful anti‐cancer agent because it can actually kill cancer stem cells while preserving normal stem cells in your body.

A major research report has clearly demonstrated this to be true, and it described the major biological mechanisms by which turmeric can kill cancer stem cells. The article, “Curcumin and Cancer Stem Cells: Curcumin Has Asymmetrical Effects on Cancer and Normal Stem Cells,” by Peter P Sordillo and Lawrence Helson, was published in the journal Anticancer Research 35: 599-614 (2015).

The ability to safely kill cancer stem cells while preserving normal stem cells is the holy grail in the world of medical cancer treatments. It has remained impossible with all medical treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Yet today, research has confirmed what the magazine Newsweek said on its cover a decade ago—“Plants Hold the Secrets to Beating Cancer.” Turmeric kills cancer stem cells and spares normal stem cells in the body.

Cancer Good News: The Amazing Power of Phytochemicals

Newsweek was right. And nothing proves it more than turmeric. Turmeric root and its main polyphenol—the phytochemical we know as curcumin—is perhaps the most anticancer plant of all. And when you combine the anti‐cancer and cancer‐stem‐cell‐killing effects of turmeric root with its amazing other healing properties, anyone with any type of cancer would be a fool not to use turmeric root supplements.

Remember that turmeric forte is also the only real, effective treatment for people with Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and dementia. Virtually 100% of study subjects with memory loss and Alzheimer’s enjoyed improved memory after 18 months of taking turmeric—an impossibility with medical therapies.


It also is a powerful modulator of chronic pain, it has a highly beneficial effect on the linings of your blood vessels, and it helps people with blood sugar problems. Virtually 100% of study subjects with prediabetes did not progress to type 2 diabetes after taking turmeric for 18 months.

And turmeric forte is perhaps the most studied herb ever—with more than a thousand research papers and citations:

•It has been touted as being as or more effective (but safer) than a dozen prescription drugs.

•It is effective for people in chronic pain;

•with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or blood sugar problems;

•with blood vessel lining problems (as in coronary arteries, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis);

•with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss.

•And it is now a . It can actually kill the most virulent cancer cells of all—cancer stem cells—while preserving normal stem cells.


Introducing Turmeric Forte

Quite honestly, everyone over age 40 should be taking a turmeric forte supplement. And remember, turmeric and its active polyphenol, curcumin, is extremely difficult to digest and on its own never makes it past your blood/brain barrier to help with your brain and memory. But Standard Process® (the plant experts) has infused turmeric forte into seed material from the highly absorbable Fenugreek plant to make it from 24.5 to 45.5 times more active in your body. This newly activated, infused turmeric can actually pass through your blood/brain barrier into your brain circulation in pharmacological amounts!

If you have cancer… If you have a family history of cancer… If you are afraid you will get cancer… Then this is a no‐brainer. Start Turmeric Forte now. In fact, everyone over 40 should be taking Turmeric Forte, the activated, infused form of turmeric root with its curcumin content. If you have no problems, take 1 to 2 tablets daily for prevention (what a concept!). If you have prediabetes, blood sugar problems, chronic pain, a family history of cancer, a family history of Alzheimer’s, or if you have heart disease, take 2 to 3 tablets daily. And if you have cancer, type 2 diabetes, severe chronic pain, Alzheimer’s or other profound brain problems, take 4 tablets daily (2 tablets taken 2 times daily with food that contains a little fat).

This is truly one of those extremely rare breakthroughs in health. If turmeric were a drug, this study would have made headlines in every newspaper, TV news show, magazine, newsletter, and cancer‐treatment guidelines for physicians. But that didn’t and won’t happen because turmeric is a plant, and it can’t make money for drug makers. But that does not stop you from reaping the phytochemical benefits of turmeric by taking Turmeric Forte daily. Anything else does not make any sense.

More Cancer Good News— Spontaneous Regression

Did you know that it is very common for cancer to spontaneously regress? Along with the real causes of cancer, that is something you will never hear from the cancer industry. Today, if you are diagnosed with cancer that has spread to a lymph node, you are given a few choices other than surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. You will not be told that cancer—even metastatic cancer (that has spread to lymph nodes)—can regress from both the nodes and the initial cancer site (for example in the breast).

Cancer regression can only be explained as an attack by your own immune system. Immune cells known as killer T cells are found in the dead tumor and lymph nodes in cases of cancer regression. So, as we have always suggested, it is necessary to bolster and strengthen your own immune system with any cancer. Ironically, all three medical treatments for cancer, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, are all highly toxic to the immune system.

The Protocol—From Prevention to Treatment.

So whether you are exposed to medical treatments for your cancer or not, make sure you bolster your immune system. Turmeric Forte (2 tablets taken 2 times daily consumed with food that contains at least a little fat) is critical. Several other products are also always indicated with cancer. They are Immuplex®: 3 to 4 capsules daily, Cataplex® ACP: 6 tablets daily, Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil: 3 capsules daily, Thymex®: 9 tablets daily for 3 months, then 3 tablets daily. Omega Nutrition™ Hi‐Lignan™ Flax Oil: 1 tbsp. daily. If you have the BRAC breast cancer gene or your cancer is positive as estrogen‐induced, you will need Cruciferous Complete™: 6 capsules daily for 3 months, then 3 capsules daily for life.

Immuplex® contains everything your immune system needs for support and health. It is a very comprehensive product that can also serve as your multivitamin.

Cataplex® ACP is an amazing product to bolster your immune system as it contains the whole vitamin complexes of vitamins A, C, and bioflavonoids.

Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil is the last raw cod liver oil with all the variations of vitamin D, along with whole vitamin A complex and omega-3 fatty acids.

Thymex® is a thymus gland extract that can help you stimulate your thymus gland (a major part of your immune system). Killer T cells (found in dead tumors) are activated in your thymus gland.

Omega Nutrition™ Hi‐Lignan™ Flax Oil, rich in omega‐3 fatty acids and lignans, is a premier cancer‐fighting oil.

Cruciferous Complete™ is a raw phytonutrient made from broccoli and kale. It is a natural “estrogen sopper”—meaning it can clear excess estrogen out of your body.

If you start eating a healthy Mediterranean diet, get some exercise, drink lots of pure water, make sure you have a good family support system, and use our protocol, you have just taken a giant step toward fighting and beating cancer that not one in 10,000 people take. Remember, cancer regression does happen. And your own immune system is the reason it does happen. Fight back and know that you can beat cancer. Here is yet another reason why you can win…

Even More Cancer Good News

Most cancers—and proven with breast cancer—and many initial cancers have very limited abilities to spread and kill you. These cancers experience spontaneous regression and never cause a problem. You need to know that cancer is not always 100%. You do have a decent chance that your cancer will not be lethal. Just how much of a chance? According to the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Epidemiology Simulation Model, approximately 40% of breast cancers are non‐lethal with little chance for metastatic spread. That means 40% of initial breast cancers will not progress past 1 cm. in diameter. They will usually stay in the breast for about two years, after which time they will naturally regress.

Now that is good news. Combine that with the news that…

•Even metastatic cancers can spontaneously regress.

•(Turmeric Forte) can kill the most virulent of all cancer cells—the cancer stem cells—while sparing normal stem cells.

•Your immune system is responsible for most all of this good news.

•You can .

•There are amazing products to help you strengthen your immune system.

…and you have some really good and proven cancer news for a change!


Critical Notice:

Treatment of the symptoms of a disease will almost always fail to help you truly resolve your health problems. For that reason, none of the treatments/protocols in this article are intended to treat any disease or condition. Rather, they are designed to treat you. You will be shown how to identify, address, treat, and/or eliminate the underlying causes of your health problems—which are diagnosed by your physician or medical professional. This gives you the best chance to finally get well and even cure yourself.



For Prevention…

Turmeric Forte: 1 to 2 tablets daily

If you have prediabetes; family history of cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, heart disease; or if you have a lot of pain…

Turmeric Forte: 2 to 3 tablets daily

If you have cancer, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, type 2 diabetes…

Turmeric Forte: 2 tablets 2 times daily

Always take Turmeric Forte with food that contains at least a little fat. Start with one daily, then two after a week, and so on.