3 to 55 X more likely to have these health problems if low Vitamin D


You should be taking One 50,000 unit Vitamin D per week that  kills all viruses, herpes, colds, pneumonia, moles, skin tags, flues, zeka virus, and makes you 80% less likely to get cancer. It costing $10 per year if you take one pill per week providing 7000 units vitamin D per day from Amazon. Click here to order Vitamin D3 50,000.  Chinese give I am in a D when people get coronavirus.

What do you think is the chance of our government requiring food manufacturersto add enough vitamin D to cure many, many health problems? China Finland require these changes

I have taken 3 per week of 50,000 units of vitamin D and my OH 25 reading is 116 well below the toxic level of 250 and my health has improving dramatically. Doctors will guess and tell you are your overdosing. Many health problems associated with low vitamin D

55 X more likely to have bone fracture requiring surgery 
30 X more likely for COPD becoming suddenly worse 
25 X more likely to have senior moment 
23 X more likely to have vertigo .
19 X more likely to get dementia 
17 X more likely to have muscle inflammation 
14 X more likely to die after first cardiovascular event 
14 X more likely for dark skinned children to get T1 diabetes 
12 X more likely to die from elderly pneumonia 
11 X more likely to be allergic to peanuts 
10 X more reactions to flu vaccine 
10 X more likely for stroke patients to become depressed 
8 X more likely to have Autoimmune Hepatitis 
8 X more likely for alcoholic to have Alcoholic liver disease 
8 X more likely to get lupus 
7 X more likely to have low birth weight infant 
7 X more likely for pregnant teen to have anemia 
7 X more likely to have leg pain 
7 X increased chance of death if coronary artery disease 
6.5 X more likely for infant to be Small for Gestational Age 
6 X worse outcome following Sudden cardiac arrest 
6 X more likely to get hip fracture after stroke 
6 X more likely to die after coronary bypass 
6 X more likely to have allergic rhinitis 
6 X more likely to get diabetes if abdominal obese 
6 X more likelihood of cancer in children 
5.8 X more likely to have coronary artery disease 
5.8 X more likely to get ovarian cancer if have a specific gene 
5.5 X more likely to have low bone mineral density 
5 X more likely to have facial s

5 X more likely to get urinary tract infection 
5 X more likely to get restless leg syndrome 
5 X more likely to get vaginosis during pregnancy 
5 X more likely to have bad outcome after Hip Fracture 
5 X more likely to have Active Rheumatologic disease 
4.7 X more likely to get a common superbug 
4.7 X more likely to need feeding help in nursing home 
4 X faster ALS decline 
4 X more likely to have preeclampsia during pregnancy 
4 X more likely to have C-section 
4 X more likely to have Cognitive Impairment 
4 X more likely to have psychiatric disorders as a teen 
4 X more likely to have childhood asthma 
4 X more likely to have metabolic syndrome 
3.9 X more likely to get non-TB lung disease 
3.7 X more likely to be frail when elderly 
3.5 X more likely to get type 1 diabetes 
3.3 X more likely to have full-on multiple sclerosis 
3 X more likely to die of Pneumonia acquired in hospital 
3 X more likely to get triple negative breast cancer 
3 X more likely to have advanced-stage cancer 
3 X more colds when overweight 
3 X more likely to have bedwetting 
3 X more risk of pelvic inflamation following cancer radiation 
3 X more likely to have wet AMD 
3 X more likely to die after being in ICU for 2 days 


 Studies have shown a decreased risk of breast cancer of up to 77 percent, and prostate cancer up to 86 percent, for people with vitamin D3 levels between 50 and 90 ng/ml. Recovery from cancer is also impacted when patients begin taking proven therapeutic levels of this vitamin, with studies showing an increased survival rate of 47 percent for lung cancer and 50 percent for lymphoma cancer patients. 15

Notes: autism has went from one in 10,000 to 1 in 47 boys due to a lack of vitamin D when the mother is pregnant and also lack of vitamin D. Giving vitamin D and iodine to a baby until the age  of 3 to 7 years old can keep the child from getting autism

A pregnant mother having a baby if she is low on iodine lowers the child IQ by 15 points. A child’s brain is growing until they are 25 years old and should be given a lot of vitamin D and iodine during this brain growing period. Studies now show this can increase the IQ of a child by 20 t0 40 points

These are typically the ratios between groups having > 30 ng/ml and those having < 10 ng/ml. buy 50,000 units vitamin D from Amazon at $20

See also VitaminDWiki: learn more Paul 810-736-8873

Proof that Vitamin D Works Adding vitamin D treats or prevents over 60 health problems (as of July 2015)

Frequently observed diseases (2.5 X more often) if vitamin D levels less than 8 ng – Feb 2014

Does Less Sun mean More Disease vitamin D video, produced by VitaminDWiki

How often might 50000 IU vitamin D be taken - results of clinical trials 
    which sorts the proofs by amount of vitamin D needed

Incidence of 30 health problems related to vitamin D has doubled in a decade

Diseases which are related due to vitamin D deficiency

One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need 
   Vitamin D costing just a few pennies a day will probably eliminate ALL of the above increased risk factors

Your guide to understanding vitamin D – Vitamin D Council Dec 2013

The Overlooked Importance of VITAMIN D RECEPTORS - LEF Aug 2013

Overlooked Importance of Vitamin D Receptors – Life Extension Mag. Aug 2013

Do not expect a doctor to recommend a pill which will eliminate his job (vitamin D)

2000 IU of vitamin D- doctors trained that it was too much, but it is often too little

Benefits of Vitamin D often limited by genes

Omega-3 helps pregnancy in many ways: preterm 26 percent less likely etc – review July 2012

Pregnancy helped by Magnesium in many ways.

 Send to Me your email address and I will email this to you so you can click on it and go to these websites. Forward would this to all your friends in relation you don’t want sick, in pain or soon dying


Acne (4+ studies)

ADHD (10+)

Allergy Overview

ALS (19+)

Alzheimer's Overview

Ankylosing spondylitis (10+)

Antibiotics & Pro (45+) Overview

Arthritis: Osteo Rheum

Asthma Overview

Atopic dermatitis (10+)

Autism (57+) Overview

Autoimmune (78+)

Back Pain (9+)

Bone - Health (177+)

Breathing (217+)

Burns - skin (5+)

Cancer (137+) Overview

Cardiovascular (277+) Overview

Cholesterol (37+) Overview

Cognitive (118+) Overview

Colds and flu Overview

Concussions (7+)

COPD (17+)

Cystic Fibrosis (17+)

Dental (35+)

Depression (119+)

Diabetes (278+) Overview

Diseases gen.+ misc, (61+)

Ebola (10+)

Falls/Fractures (113+) Overview

Fatigue, Chronic Overview

Fertility and sperm (48+)

Fibromyalgia -Overview

Fractures Overview

Genetics (172+)

Gestational Diabetes (7+)

Gout (4+)

Gut (74+) Overview

Hair (4+)

Headache (14+)

Health - general (59+)

Hearing Loss (4+)

Hepatitis-C (4+)

HIV (23+) Overview

Hives (5+)

Hypertension (64+) Overview

Hyperparathyroid Overview

Immunity (141+)

Infant-Child (228+)

Inflammation (54+)

Influenza Overview

Kidney (149+) Overview

Kidney Stones (14+) Overview

Liver (54+) Overview

Lupus (36+)

Mental Illness (4+)

Metabolic Synd. (47+) Overview

Migraine (4+)

Military (10+)

Myopia (17+)

Mortality (109+)

Mult. Sclerosis (214+) Overview

Obesity (221+) Overview

Osteoarthritis (21+) Overview

Osteoporosis (134+) Overview

Pain - chronic (85+) Overview

Parkinson (48+) Overview

Photosensitivity (3+)

Pollution (4+)

Pregnancy (379+) Overview

Psoriasis (33+)

Raynaud's (4+)

RTI (3+)

Restless Legs Syndrome (4+)

Rheum. Arth (54+) Overview

Rickets (83+) Overview

Sarcopenia (8+)

Schizophrenia Overview

Seniors (223+) Overview

Sepsis (10+)

Shingles (4+)

Shin splints (4+)

Skin (41+) Overview

Sleep (16+)

Smoking (33+)

Spinal Cord (7+)

Sports (123+) Overview

Statins (4+)

Stroke (34+) Overview

Suicide (7+)

Thyroid/Parath. (42+) Overview

Trauma and surgery (137+)

Tuberculosis (70+) Overview

Vision (34+)

Women (59+) Overview

Youth (99+)


  # of studies as of 09/11/2015

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Proper amounts of Vitamin D & Vitamin K Cures Brittle Bones and Hardening of the Arteries and Hardened Heart muscles  (Atherosclerosis')   


. Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.:  has managed over 1500 diabetic patients and, in the last decade, not one of his patients has had a stroke or heart attack. Only one has even been hospitalized! His secret—50,000 units of Vitamin D3 daily. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone precursor that has recently been found to play a role in a wide variety of diseases. Current research indicates vitamin D deficiency plays a role in causing seventeen varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects,  and greatly reduce autism, MS, and periodontal disease. Women with low vitamin D were 94 percent more likely to have their cancer spread and 73 percent more likely to die from their cancer.60 to 80% of older people are deficient in vitamin D. Recent studies show Vitamin D dramatically reduces the likely of getting macular degeneration and is very good at slowing degeneration. Vitamin-d-linked-to-reduced-risk-of-macular-degeneration   vitamin-d-puts-macular-degeneration-in-its-place-scientists-say and 1 out of 10 people are now getting Macular degeneration


Vitamin D is actually able to enter cancer cells and trigger apoptosis (cell death). When JoEllen Welsh, a researcher with the State University of New York at Albany, injected a potent form of vitamin D into human breast cancer cells, half of them shriveled up and died within days! The vitamin D worked as well at killing cancer cells as the toxic breast cancer drug Tamoxifen, without any of the detrimental side effects and at a tiny fraction of the cost.


If you have cancer, your vitamin D level should be between 40 and 100 ng/ml. 


 Do Get on the internet &Watch This Exceptionally Well Presented Video on All That Adequate Vitamin D Can Do For You !!!!!!!


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One of the world’s foremost authorities on vitamin D metabolism and physiology said, “Worrying about vitamin D toxicity or Overdose of vitamin D is like worrying about drowning when you are dying of thirst.” He challenged anyone in the scientific community to present even a single case of vitamin D toxicity in adults from ingestion of up to 1,000 ug (40,000 IU) a day. Vieth’s challenge remains unanswered and his work remains unrefuted. 


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This the New Silver Bullet for Curing Cancer


Noels Peters had cancer all over and one on his liver the size of a fist.  He took 50,000 every other day. 6 years later he is cancer free and has a lump smaller than a golf ball remaining.