Tell 1978 no one had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.


The drug companies invented these words. They are now making billions and billions of dollars treating these symptoms with harmful drugs.

The Cure is to Treat Your Thyroid Problems with desiccated thyroid, iodine, magnesium, vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Stephen F  Hotze MD writes that Pfizer and Eli Lily effectively assisted American public and doctors in understanding these new disorders they invented. The market for fibromyalgia was disguised as a campaign for fibromyalgia awareness making them over $5 billion a year.

We are an unhealthy people and unhealthy nation. our population is becoming sicker and sicker. We are spending more and more on the same failed disease models of medicine and getting the same results or worse it will lead inevitably lead to our bankruptcy and are downfall as a nation unless we make a dramatic change in our course of action

Americans are 6% of the worlds population and take 42% of the pharmaceutical drugs. They are making us sicker and there are now 49 other countries where people live longer. Stop taking prescription drugs.

The American Medical Association JAMA reported that 200,000 hospitalized patients die annually in America as a result of taking Dr. prescribed FDA approved drugs in the correct dosage. This is equivalent to 1450. Boeing 737 jet airliners fully loaded crashing in one year.

Desiccated thyroid capsules are much more effective in curing thyroid problems then Synthroid or Levothroid.

Low stomach acid causes Acid reflux, Ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, heartburn, leg cramps, broken bones, Alzheimer’s  stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, asthma, fatigue, , back pain.  macular Degeneration  and rheumatoid arthritis. weakness and rapid ageing.  If your stomach isn't calm you have slow stomach acid.

You must have enough stomach acid to digest your food to get vitamins and minerals into your blood. Or your body takes calcium and other things from your bones and cartilage causing you to have operations,

Low stomach acid causes Acid reflux, Ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, heartburn, leg cramps, broken bones, Alzheimer’s  stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, asthma, fatigue, , back pain  and rheumatoid arthritis. weakness and rapid ageing.  

To Increase stomach acid


I take Apple juice, Orange juice or other juices in a coffee cup and add one or two tablespoons of vinegar with mother. It taste quite good, with each meal. My Pee has become almost as clear as water.


Reasons Why Saturated Fats Are Good For Us to loose weight, keep from having heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, strokes and cancer.

I try to eat at least a half a stick or more of butter a day.

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  • Studies have shown that statins increase the incidence of memory loss, inability to concentrate, impaired judgment, confusion, disorientation, irrational thinking, and other signs of dementia and senility. This alone should be enough to scare anyone away from taking statins. 100 percent of statin users can expect a decrease in cognitive function. Doctors cannot tell you to take vitamins and minerals to cure health problems or they will lose their license.. (Am J Med 04;117:823–829)


  • If you know of someone who still takes statin drugs (which is now practically anyone who has been diagnosed with a cardiovascular or high cholesterol problem), please warn them of the associated problems. Any sign of unexplained muscle weakness, cramps, twitching, slurred speech, difficulty in walking or motor skills, nerve pain, depression, memory loss, et cetera, could be just the tip of the iceberg. There are individuals in wheelchairs being diagnosed with ALS who can now trace their problems back to statin drug use. Don’t let it happen to you or to someone you love


  • Half of Americans over 85 suffer Alzheimer's. The vast majority of patients in Doctor Barnes study group lived into their 80 and 90 with all their mental and faculties remaining intact. Doctor Barnes gave these patients desiccated thyroid, adrenaline glandules, iodine and other vitamins. Hypothyroidism impairs mitochondria circulation and limits the supply of vital nutrients to all the nerves including those in the brain.\\

  • If your body temperature is below 98.2 you have hypothyroidism and are much more likely to get Alzheimer's.\

  • How to quickly cure cancer

  • Should you do what an oncologist tells you to do? The answer is absolutely NO!! Oncologists have a 2% cure rate and if you do what they recommend you will die sooner.

  • Do take the time to watch Living Proof Vitamin C Cured Both Swine Flu And Leukemia 60 Minutes TV Video

  •   One of the most common problems in cancer patients who choose to undergo conventional cancer therapy is recurrence. They might think they have beaten their cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, only to find a few years later that tumors have spread into other tissues -- usually the lungs, brain, or even the reproductive organs. Conventional medicine has not yet caught on to what's happening here, but the reason why this phenomenon occurs is quite simple: Conventional cancer treatments only treat the symptoms of cancer (tumors or growths) and study after study show it doesn't make you live any longer and do not actually do anything to help the patient regain a level of health necessary to keep cancer in check. Cancer patients 64% less likely to die if have high level of vitamin D – Dec 2011


  • Cancer patients, who do not receive any treatment at all, have an up to four times higher remission rate than those who receive treatment. Another major study shows if you do not receive any treatment at all there is a 28% spontaneously disappearance, if you do what the oncologists the cure rate is 2%. Everyone has cancer cells all during their life that spontaneously disappear.

  • A free prostrate screening killed John English. John who underwent a free prostrate testing offered by his local hospital as part of prostate cancer awareness week. He became a nervous wreck when this prostrate test came back with a 4.3 reading. He underwent 20 painful biopsy punches which disclosed, he had a small nonaggressive cancer. This led to an unnecessary removal of his prostrate gland that left John impotent and in diapers. A follow-up test showed his PSA  was once again raising which according to John's Doctor ment a piece of cancerous prostrate tissue had been left behind. So John underwent radiation therapy which burned a hole through his rectum and bladder. This led to a colonoscopy, removal of the colon. He was scheduled to have his bladder removed as well ,but before they could operate John died of septic causes by a bladder infection. He really died from a PSA test that AARP does not recommend for any man.


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