Cures That will Absolutely Work And What Doesn’t Work!

Good news almost all health problems considered incurable by doctors are quickly curable by giving the body the vitamins and minerals it needs and in many cases in very large, very safe quantities. Excellent health makes life wonderful and you can learn how to have excellent health here. Sorry to say almost everything I found to be true; goes against what you’ve been taught, seen and heard.

What is here would illuminate black problems increase their  IQ and stop riots.

The American Medical Association made a very large study and found doctors only live to be 56 years old. Your doctor is taking what he would give you. Doctors are not taught which vitamins minerals you need to be healthy.


 It's extremely stupid to do what a doctor who only lives to 56 years old recommends and take tests and prescription drugs.

The doctor Hoxie clinic cured Over 30,000 people by taking them off all prescription drugs and giving them desiccated thyroid and other vitamins and minerals. The results were fantastic.  

Doctor Hoxie wrote;

 Drugs are dangerous. They are chemicals that have never existed before in nature and were created in labs. Drugs are toxins that must be detoxified by your liver. Toxins are poisons. The use of multiple drugs is extremely dangerous. 

You and you alone are responsible for your health and the sooner you take charge of it the better oft you will be. You may have lost it before if you let physicians make the decisions for you. Alzheimers is only caused by prescription drugs.

Studies show that marathon runners, football and other sports professionals live to be 58 years old and that exercise does not make you live longer. Billionaires go to the best doctors possible and lived to be 68 years old. Couch potatoes and alcoholics live to be 76.

The American Medical Association found that over 90% of heart operations and stints are unnecessary. Say no! If the doctor says you need a heart operation or a stint T.ake K2 MK7 and more than 7000 units of vitamin D, selenium, copper, magnesium daily. Why So many operations? It's a major moneymaker for doctors and hospitals even though they make you more likely to die.

AARP reports the normal tests the doctors give you like EKG, mammograms, stress test, PSA and the list goes on and on making you more likely to die. Don't get the tests or a yearly physical!!!

People who live over 90 years old don't go to doctors except for accidents, they eat a lot o f butter, and saturated fats and they eat a lot of salt and most drink apple cider vinegar with mother and take vitamins and minerals. Blood pressure pills make you three times more likely to die. People with high cholesterol and LDL cholesterol live the longest.

Don't get a flu shot! Vaccination coverage among the elderly increased from 15% in 1980 to 65% now, but there has been no decrease in deaths from influenza and pneumonia More than 34,000 of those "36,000" flu deaths are officials estimate are "influenza-associated" pneumonic and cardiovascular deaths.


 The overall death rate was 29% for those with severe D deficiency and only 4% for those with higher levels. This could indicate that vitamin D deficiency causes a 700% increase in the risk of death by pneumonia caused by the flu. Take over 7000 units of vitamin D daily.

I have absolutely wonderful quality of life. I don’t go to doctors because I have no pain and no known health problems, therefore I don’t take any prescription drugs. This saves me a lot of money, and a lot of time so I can afford to go on cruises and help a lot of people.

Bad news 45% of Americans has a health problem considered incurable by doctors. Doctors don’t cure cancer, COPD, breathing problems, sugar diabetes, heart problems, pneumonia, stop strokes, kidney problems, and Alzheimer’s,


Studies show doctors are the number 1 cause of death by causing over 980,000 deaths each year. You won’t live as long as your parents. Doctors follow their own recommendations and studies show they have an average life expectancy of 56 years.

Boron cures arthritis. Copper makes your strong veins strong illuminating aneurysms and mini strokes, selenium reduces cancer and cardiomyopathy.


I quickly totally cured a lady with end-stage dialysis by giving her the needed vitamins and minerals. The Dr. pulled all ports and said it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle and didn’t learn to give the vitamins and minerals she was taken to his other patients. The Dr. didn’t dare.

I cured my sister and three of her neighbors who had constipation with enough magnesium. My sister asked her Dr. Why do you keep giving a prescription for stool softeners that don’t work and instead give magnesium? The Dr. said I don’t dare, he said drug reps would tell the government and the government would stop all Medicaid and Medicare payments to the doctor causing him to go instantly out of business forever. That is what extreme corruption does!!!!

I cured my 96-year-old aunt who sets like she was in a stupor and was barely able to walk to the bathroom with a Walker. They had to help her in and out of bed. Two weeks later she threw her Walker away and started making all their meals her son said she’s a damn good cook. She is now 99 years old and making their meals. Her Dr. said to keep doing what you’re doing I can’t improve on what you’re doing. He didn’t learn what she was taking and give them to the other older people. This Dr. didn’t dare.

I quickly cured my extreme COPD breathing problems by taking vitamin K 2 MK 7 and other vitamins and minerals.


My son was on oxygen due to COPD and was taken insulin. He is now totally cured and 73 pounds lighter without dieting.

I cured most of my Parkinson’s disease and pellagra by taking vitamins and minerals.

I quickly cured my bone on bone knee and shoulder problem without an operation by taking the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals and collagen.

My doctor said I had a leaking heart valve that if I didn't get an operation in three months I would die. I got on the Internet and found two man who had your cured themself with the vitamin  K2  MK7  in three months. I took K2 MK7 and in three months I was totally cured.

I have quickly cured my uncle who was extremely near death in a rehab center with pneumonia and sugar diabetes by having him take proper amounts of iodine  vitamin D3 and vitamins and minerals. I got my relation a Dr. to provide me a prescription and I donated the pills.

A very sick Florida neighbor with a colostomy bag the Dr. said we’d have to wear the rest of his life. He bought some vitamins and six months later when he returned his colostomy bag was gone and he built a large porch on his house.

I cured my neighbor who had pneumonia four times in one year and nearly died in the hospitals twice. I gave him literature. He sent it to his son a Dr. and his son had him get some vitamin D from me. He hasn’t had pneumonia three years.

Most of these problems would not exist if people took the vitamins and minerals I'm taking.  Paul O’Brien is 86as of 2020. Learn how to cure these problems at my web

Doctors must follow standard procedures set up by drug companies and are not allowed to give vitamins minerals and desiccated thyroid. Drug reps if they find a Dr. is giving magnesium, desiccated thyroid and others they report the Dr. to the government. The government stops all Medicare and Medicaid payments to Dr. Goes instantly out of business forever. The FDA is owned and operated by drug companies.

90,000 elderly go bankrupt each year and lose their homes and savings due to medical bills if their partner gets sick even though they're only paying 20% on Medicare. You can’t afford to go to doctors. You can afford to stay healthy by taking the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. Most elderly have considerable money problems due to doctors and hospitals.

More doctors lose their practice by prescribing desiccated thyroid that works in place of Centroid that only partly works than for any other reason. Forcing doctors to give only prescription drugs is extreme money-grabbing health care crime by drug companies. These billions of dollars to drug companies corrupt a government corrupts doctors and even corrupts news systems. Talk about corruption, this is extreme corruption.

I don’t go to the doctor since stopping going to doctors 10 years ago I started taking these vitamins and minerals that cured all of my known health problems and would also cure yours.  Paying two dollars per day which is $745 per year to maintain exceptionally wonderful health, I feel it is wonderful health insurance.

A study of 100-year-old people found they only go to doctors when they have an accident. People live longer in 59 other countries. We are about 6% of the world’s population and take 42% of all prescription drugs  and get over 70% of the stints. Americans spend more on health care than the other 254 countries combined. It’s not working!

I won't take prescription drugs. A retired druggist told me no way in hell would he take a prescription drug; there too damn dangerous. I don't spend money on prescription drugs. I don't spend hours in doctor’s offices. I don't drive time after time sick to the doctor's office.


I have spent many, many hours studying what doctors at major universities who have spent billions studying cures for major diseases and found cures using vitamins and minerals that have made me exceptionally healthy at my age with no known health problems other than weak legs. The time and effort has definitely paid off. I am healthy and the money I save allows me to help others and go on cruises!

This year an estimated 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer,  it's totally curable with turmeric forte and THC marijuana and two 50,000 units of vitamin D3 per week, iodine 50 IU, vitamin K2 MK7, lithium, selenium,  and vitamin C. I had extreme bone cancer that is now totally cured. 


To be real healthy eat enough fat to get 60% of your energy from saturated fat and eat a lot of salt. Oncologist can’t cure cancer and they make you die much sooner so don’t do what oncologist recommends.

Every day over 2000 Americans suffer their first heart attack. 94% of heart attacks would be eliminated by taking enough vitamin D, K2-mk7, desiccated thyroid, saturated fat,  salt and adrenaline glandules to raise the body temperature to 98.6. Every year nearly 470,000 Americans who had a heart attack have another. About 610,000 people die of heart disease each year.

Bypass operations and stints don’t make you live longer. So don’t do what the heart doctor recommends. Take K2 MK7 and other vitamins and minerals to quickly permanently cure the problem. Coumadin causes veins to plug up almost 3 times faster causing heart attacks. A baby aspirin a day makes you three times more likely to have macular degeneration go blind and ABC news said it causes bleeding they can’t stop killing you so ABC recommended you don’t take aspirin.

One out of three Americans has sugar diabetes. The average diabetic dies 10 years earlier than the average nondiabetic. Diabetes is the major cause of blindness and a major cause of heart attacks. Every 30 seconds someone has part of the leg removed due to diabetes. Taking insulin does not cure diabetes or there would not be 234,051 deaths each year. Insulin does not make you live longer. The cure is to give the body enough vitamins and minerals

Every day nearly 2100 Americans have a stroke. Strokes are caused by a lack of copper, low fat, low salt, K2 MK 7 and a lack of other vitamins and minerals.

One in three seniors dies from Alzheimer's or another dementia. Today an American develops Alzheimer's disease every 68 seconds. You are now 90 times more likely to get Alzheimer's than you were in 1970. This proves it’s strictly a nutritional problem. Only 1% of 80-year-old in India have Alzheimer's and the same is it in many other countries.

Taking the vitamins and minerals I’m taking and enough saturated fat THC and iodine would cure or keep you from having dementia or Alzheimer’s. Prescription Drugs absolutely do not work.

LOW STOMACH ACID causes stomach cancer, ulcers. Esophagus cancer, asthma, Acid reflux, inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease, leaky bowel syndrome, Ulcers, heartburn. This can happen to children and adults. Doctors give prescription drugs to reduce stomach acid, causing serious health problems increasing the death rate by 50%.

I am now taking fruit juice and putting it in a coffee cup and adding one or more tablespoons of vinegarr with mother. Adding 5 drops of iodine and 1/3 of a teaspoon of vitamin C. This has resulted and me peeing that is almost as clear as water. I'm feeling better and my skin is looking much better.


You cannot digest protein, vitamins, and minerals so they can enter the bloodstream without sufficient stomach acid. Your stomach acid goes down as we age causing people to starve even after eating good.

The French eat four times more butter and have one third as many heart attacks.  To cure diabetes Eat a lot of saturated fat, vitamins and minerals, and no vegetable oils. Dr. Macola’s studies show insulin does not make you live any longer. Diabetes is strictly a nutrition problem easily cured.

, People in Holland have one of the longest life expectancies, are thin and get 48% of their energy from fat... People living in Crete have the lowest heart attack rates and get 40% of their energy from fat. The amount of fat in the average American diet has gone down over 25% in the last 20 years to about 26% and the heart attack rate has almost doubled. Sugar diabetes has dramatically increased and obesity has doubled. Examining the data if your fat intake is below 32% the risk of a stroke dramatically increases.

European studies show Deadly-low-salt-diet makes you 4 times more likely to die and many times more likely to have broken bones/ A study at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Cornell University Medical College, both in New York City, showed that men with high blood pressure who ate the least salt (about 5,000 milligrams, or 2½ teaspoons) each day were four times more likely to have a heart attack- The salt you eat should be Himalayan or real salt which are unrefined pink in color and has up to 50 micro nutrients needed by the body. Table salt is refined eliminating needed nutrients and has harmful ingredients added.  Adrenaline fatigue causes you to feel you should just set and do nothing. After about two months on this salt reduces adrenaline fatigue.

The French are thin and get 48 percent of their energy from fat they eat an awful lot of sausage. The people in Crete are in one of the five health zones in the world meaning they live the longest get over 40% of their energy from fat. Eating fat like baloney makes you healthier and live longer and be thinner. A low-fat diet make you unhealthy and fat. The craft shows the countries consuming the most fat live the longest How Much Fat Should We Eat? It's much healthier to eat a lot more fat. learn more at my web pobrien48net Paul O’Brien 810-736-8873 visit me.

Salt-how much should you eat, MORE NOT LESS.    Eat more Salt. High Blood Pressure: Mineral Magic, Salt is good & Can cure blood pressure problems and help curing diabetes if you get the right other minerals.  You are four times more likely to die if you are low on salt

Click here to find What and where to Purchase and how much to take to cure almost all health problems even those considered by doctors as incurable. 

The numbers in (  ) are the amounts needed for 6 months and the cost is about $360 per person, that equals two dollars a day. This was added due to people asking how much of each should I buy?

1-- HCl capsules will and vinegar with each meal to provide needed stomach acid for digestion.

1  Vitamin K2  Mk7     A  (2)  Removes calcium from veins puts it in bones eliminating arteriolosclerosis, bone fractures, plugged veins, hardening of arteries cures COPD, eliminates heart attacks, heart valve leakage, kidney stones, bone Spurs, cures insulin resistance. Possibly the most important vitamin you can take by Amazon. Increases bone density 4% in one year stopping bone breakage.

3/week Vitamin D3 50,000 (D3-50) Amazon (1) keeps you from getting and cures pneumonia, most cancers. 

3 Thyroid-glandular--200-mg   by piping rock company makes you 90% less likely to have a heart attack  per a study by Dr. Starr.

1 Adrenal-glandular-350-mg needed as you get older.  

3 AM and 3 PM of Niacinamide 500mg cures pain, ADHD, schizophrenia, provide 100% range of motion 

1---Nattokinase (2, 000 Fu), eliminates blood clots and DVT 

3--- Magnesium Caps 400 mg stops constipation, 35% more likely to die if low on magnesium and 85% are low. It reduces arteriosclerosis (2)

1---Multi-Vitamin & Mineral from Swanson is the best found with lots of what is needed

1-- copper stops bleeding aneurysm strokes, reduces arthritis, improves your complexion and is needed by the brain

1--Strontium-Bone-Maker-340-mg Vitacost interchangeable with calcium is much stronger stops bone breakage 

1---Zinc (Gluconate 50mg  Swanson reduces diarrhea and leaky gut syndrome    

1---Selenium-200-mcg-  cures MS, needed by thyroid, heart reduces cancer by 50% and all deaths by 28%.

1---Vitamin B 12   1,000 mcg sublingual Amazon a must need for brain and back 

1---Iron Citrate 24mg . Swanson increases red and white blood cells carry oxygen 

2 AM- 2 PM Potassium  500 mg life extension 35% less heart attacks, lowers blood pressure 

1---msm-1000-mg-sulfer Swanson Support healthy cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin

1---CoQ10 30 mg 120 Vitacost company needed by heart muscle and lowers blood pressure

1--- lithium ornate 5 MGs extremely important for mental health, depression, anxiety, alcoholism Alzheimer’s and reduces suicides, homicides and rape.

1-- Natural progesterone cream, 4 ounce Amazon estrogen stays too high causing many health problems including peing problems (2)

1-- vitamin C 1200 mg

2--  Calcium 1200 (120 Softgels) Swanson needed but will plugged veins if you don’t take K2 MK7

1-- PQQ regenerates mitochondria the energy particles in cells that has weakened as we get older and grows more mitochondria making the heart work better and increasing your strength.

 Liquid -Lugols-7%-Iodine-- P  (1) one drop  equals 12.5 units Babies need 1 or 2 drops per week of iodine that will raise the IQ. Older children need 1 drop per day. It dramatically increases IQ up to 40 points higher. I take 5 drops daily. The brain can’t develop without iodine. It keep you from getting Alzheimer’s.

If you have a baby and wanted it to be exceptionally healthy and intelligent without autism or diabetes you should buy and give drops of these to your baby.  If you are an adult and have trouble swallowing pills take the equivalent of these liquid versions. If you are pregnant you should definitely be taking these vitamins, especially iodine as enough iodine can increase the IQ of the baby by 20 to 40 % and add enough vitamin D can keep your baby from having autism. Prenatal vitamins are grossly inadequate. 

.  Pill boxes are needed.

Put these liquid vitamins in milk or juice water or any other liquid you drink and this way they are almost tasteless.

liquid-vitamin-D3-extra-strength-1000-iu-for adults take 6 drops, children at age 5 should get one drop and by the time they are 19 they should be getting six drops per day.

Liquid -Lugols-7%-Iodine--one drop equals 12.5 units – what the Japanese get daily. I take 5 drops per day.

Life-Flo-Liquid-Iodine-Plus-Potassium-Iodide-2-oz-2% & for babies start with one drop per day and increase it as they get older by age 6 they should get one drop daily of the 7% solution daily.

-Liquid-Calcium-Magnesium-Citrate-Strawberry          Nature-s-Answer-Kids-Vitamin-D-3-  

I have recently been purchasing Lugols Solution 20% USP Premium Iodine Natural Mineral Supplement 2-Ounce 2-Pack for Immune System Health, Improved Metabolism, Water Purification and Fish Tank Disinfectant and I taking four drops per day.

Vitamin K2 and Ageing EFFECTS OF HIGHER INGESTION OF VITAMIN K (ROTTERDAM STUDY) where they gave a small amount of vitamin K2 MK7. 1) Reduction in ALL CAUSE MORTALITY – 26% 2) Reduction in CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE – 57% 3) Reduction in AORTIC CALCIFICATION – 52%

Vitamin K2 and aging turning to Stone As we age, calcium accumulates in soft tissues throughout our bodies even our skin. It totally cured my leaky heart valve, breathing problem COPD, my knee and shoulder pain, my liver problem, my Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer and more without any operations or drugs.

As of 2020 I am 86 years old, have no known health problems, take no prescription drugs, don’t go to doctors, have only a small amount of back pain, I dance wildly 3 to 5 times a week and normally dance more than anyone else at the dance. I have been on over 20 cruises and will be on another one for seven days November 5. I dance every night while on cruises.

Do take what I’m taking and become extremely healthy and keeping you from health problems and saving a lot of money as you get older.

Centrum Silver and One-A-Day vitamin companies and many other such companies have been purchased by the major drug companies that are in it to make money and they make more money if you stay sick. The amount in these vitamins has been reduced dramatically making them almost useless and leaving you sick.

As we age drinking some vinegar and on a rag wiping it all over our body eliminate body odor and will kill mites that are so tiny seven can live in each hair make us much healthier all people have mites and you can have up 100,000 eating on you. Putting a Q-tip filled with vinegar in your ear weekly will eliminate ear wax and kill ear mites to make you much less likely to lose your hearing. Putting a Q-tip filled with vinegar up your nose weekly will eliminate mites and the need to pick your nose.

The life extension company vitamin mineral combination as many times the minimum daily requirement and is much better for you. There K2 MK7 has far the most of this needed vitamin to cure many problems.

Give some of these to your animal pets especially K2 MK7, vitamin D, magnesium, niacinamide.

The only way we can make most Americans much healthier is to force our government to require food manufactures to put the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals in our foods based on scientific studies. This will eliminate most insurance companies,, doctor’s offices, drug stores, nursing homes and empty most prisons. Our prescription drug cartel will fight this.

Dogs and other pet’s foods have these vitamins based on scientific studies and are now living almost twice as long. Should you eat pet food to improve your health?

Click here to find What and where to Purchase and how much to take to cure almost all health problems even those considered by doctors as incurable.