What caused me to be an atheist?


Well it started when I was very young I had a close friend Jimmy Rude. He was a Methodist and I was going to church every Sunday. At the Catholic Church I was in catechism class learning about religion each week.


I ask the priest if Jimmy was going to heaven when he died. The priest said no way only Catholics go to heaven. The Catholic pope now says even though in the Bible that you’ll be tortured forever. It’s not true! You just don’t get to see Jesus.


That’s cause me to think logically. You’re only on earth for 60, 70, 80 years and I know if you don’t believe in Jesus I will be tortured you forever. I thought who made heaven? Who made Hell? I determined it was Jesus or God. This made me think if God and Jesus made hell is he an infinite, monster, immoral, terrible God. This thought stayed with me.


I felt wonderfully Free to question everything and to come to conclusions based on what my questioning provided me. Wow what a blessing, yippee.


This is not common as most people have strong believes they feel they must hold onto. I could be absolutely honest and say I don’t believe in snakes talking or a woman’s turning instantly into salt and a whole lot more.


I sang in the Catholic choir each Sunday and then sit down and read the catechism book while the priest was doing his thing.


The priest would ask a question from the catechism book and I would raise my hand. He would say somebody else should answer this one and then he say OK Paul give me the answer so I gave nearly 100% of the answers year after year I kind of enjoyed it. And the singing.


I sent my children to Catholic school and Paula got beat very often by the sister teaching school. John was getting poor marks in school and I asked him why and he said the teacher gave him an E because he didn’t get everything done on paper. He from then on didn’t get anything completed. I asked him to complete the group of papers he brought home and he did it in a few minutes. Between all my kids they seem to be getting in trouble and pour marks I switch to the public school. John started getting nearly all A’s.


I was up on the altar leading the people at church in singing and my wife was taking care of the 5 children which she did not appreciate.


One day a minister give me a little brochure he said I should read it. It was very religious. I did and I got the Dewey version of the Bible, the king James version, the New Age Venison. I had found that what he gave me didn’t agree with the Bibles and the Bibles didn’t agree with each other.


I told people I was having trouble with the religion and one of them said you must be an atheist. I went to the Compton encyclopedia and look up atheist I found it said it is the belief of intellectuals. That sounded good to me.


Michelle was given the assignment on historic people and hers was Thomas Paine. We went to the library and I got a book out by Thomas Paine called THE AGE OF REASON. I read it and it was fantastic. Thank you Michelle.


With Thomas Paine’s help I started saying I’m an atheist. I was able to question everything and if it didn’t make sense I could say it’s stupid. I was free to question everything and come to logical conclusions. What a blessing wow.


I started reading the Bible I found it was a book absolutely full of errors. None of the apostles believed the same as the others. There are four different words on the top of the cross. The genealogy of Jesus was in Matthew and Luke and they totally disagree with each other.


Up until this time I was totally afraid of reading the Bible because my uncle John was very religious and he ended up in an insane asylum for 50 years. He met a girl a redhead and they you’re very much loved and they agreed to get married. A few days after he got with the other brother Tony and Tony said he had paid five dollars to have sex with that woman.


John disappeared and the police called and said he was on the steps of the holy Rosary Catholic Church beating him self with a brush and they put him in a straight jacket and he end up In the insane asylum.


You have a right to accept true factes that go against what you know. It’s a wonderful world when you can be absolutely honest, and except truths.


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